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Who is Lauren Windle?

Phoebe Simcock, 14th Nov 2021
Tags: Life Interview Relationships

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Lauren: I am a journalist, presenter and public speaker. I just released my first book too, 'Notes On Love: Being Single and Dating in a Marriage Obsessed Church', which is out in the traditional format and also on audiobook with Monkeynut Studios. It's so exciting to have an actual book out there in the world! My focus is on faith, love and recovery. I'm particularly passionate about addiction and recovery as I'm 7.5 years clean and sober from a drug and alcohol addiction and I'm keen to help others avoid that, or break free from it.

Lauren Windle
Image Credit: Olivia West - The Sun

What influenced you to write your book?

Lauren: When I looked at the books on offer, I struggled to find one that I felt represented the full single and dating experience. There was a lot of theology and hope and prayer – and none of that is wrong (obviously) but I need it mixed in with a bit of real life. I wanted to read something that felt like a conversation with a girlfriend over coffee. Then I was chatting to a woman who I was mentoring at the time and she recommended a non-Christian book to me called 'Everything I Know About Love' by Dolly Alderton. It’s a fun but also very honest look at love for a woman in her 20s. We were saying how real the book was and she just said, “Why doesn’t someone write that for Christians?” It was just a seed I needed to be planted!

Journaling is an incredible way to clear your head.

Is writing a good way to help with issues regarding mental health?

Lauren: Journaling is an incredible way to clear your head and every thought that is rattling around your mind out on paper. When I'm angry with someone I often write them a letter, then go back to it a few days later and feel so much better when I read it back. I never send it. It's really just an exercise for myself.

Notes on Love

How has faith affected your journey to who you are today?

Lauren: Everything changed when I became Christian. The idea of continuing as I was makes my stomach turn. I am now so much more comfortable with who I am. I'm so much calmer, so much stronger, so much more present and connected. I have a touchstone to check in with, a guide to turn to and a friend walking with me.

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