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Wider End Time Themes in the Bible

Visual Radio Vlog Culture The Forerunner Cry

Hollywood feeds on our fascination about a possible apocalypse. In addition, apocalypse prepping is a real sub culture of people preparing to be survivors of a future major catastrophe.

The Bible’s Old Testament phrase ‘The Day of the Lord’ sums up apocalypse views of their time, and it shows that End Time themes are not just obscure and dramatic visions, but woven through all of its books.

'The Day of the Lord' is a recurrent theme in the Bible - not just Hollywood fascination about a possible apocalypse, but people longing and waiting for God to step in to judge sin and evil.

In ‘The Forerunner Cry’, author Will Porter says that we should all become End Time preppers, but in the best sense of the word – prepared by being rooted in knowing God.

Episode 4 in the series looks more into this, and how to be prepared for the End Times!

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