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Last-Days Events: The End Times Drama

Visual Radio Vlog

In ‘The Forerunner Cry’, the Bible’s End Time story is helpfully seen as a cosmic drama, with the earth as the stage, heroes and villains revealed, and God as the author and playwright.

There are two heroes in the coming End Time Bible story. Firstly, Jesus who is like a passionate bridegroom to the church, and secondly, the church, those following God, who are living as a spotless bride ready to meet Jesus.

The villain is also unmasked: The Antichrist, a coming dictator and false leader of a ruthless world power.

Author Will Porter says people should be encouraged that the earth is still central to God’s plans. He adds that we may not fully understand God’s End Time plans, but we are invited to be people who learn to trust him and stay close to him… Forerunners!

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