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Jesus’ Second Coming: The Big Picture

Visual Radio Vlog The Forerunner Cry

Do you think a lot about the future? What is happening next? Or if the world will ever come to an end?

People of the past have spoken out about this, and the Bible speaks a lot about the future and what it calls the End Times; a time when Jesus Christ (a man who lived over 2000 years ago) will return back to earth.

In this six-part series, we will be diving deeper into the Bible’s End Time events, discussing if this is something relevant for us Gen Z’s and Millennials right now. And to do this, we will be talking to William Porter, the author of ‘The Forerunner Cry’, a book that talks all about the End Times and how people can prepare themselves for Jesus’ return.

As you watch, consider if you are a forerunner and how you would live in the End Times.

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