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Why playing covers is a credible medium

Josh Kinghorn, 8th Jul 2021
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Oscar Wilde once said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and that is very true when it comes to music.

For me personally, performing a cover is sharing songs that have influenced my taste, my playing and my writing. For some, it’s about playing a song they like because it’s a good song.

Man playing drums
Image Credit: Ingridi Alves Photograph

Playing covers has always been a part of musical history, from performances of classical works over a hundred years ago to YouTube and TikTok covers from last week.

Even charting artists record covers of either songs that influenced them when they were starting out, or cover their colleague’s works because they’re good.

Covers are also a great place to start learning from.

Covers are also a great place to start learning from, especially guitars and keys, as you’ve probably listened to the track you’re playing and therefore can hear if something isn’t right.

One of the artists on our playlist, Jordan Feliz, has some videos on his YouTube channel of cover songs including Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys and even NEEDTOBREATHE (also on our playlist).

These were done shortly before his first solo release “Beloved”, and he continued releasing videos of them.

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So why is this important? Why does this matter? Because music is a universal language, and playing covers is a way to communicate using the medium without having to be able to write as well.

Music speaks to everyone in different ways, so having access to that through covers can spark something great!

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