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Why is music important?

Josh Kinghorn, 13th Jul 2021
Tags: Music Blog Pop

This one is gonna be a little more personal than what I’ve written so far. I’ve talked a lot about various artists from different genres, and different genres themselves, and how amazing each individual piece of the puzzle actually is. But I have never discussed the whole picture before. Each thing I’ve talked about in the past has just been a small part of music as a whole.

So I’m sure you’re thinking that I’ve gone insane, just hold on because I do have a point. A few points actually.

Music has been around for centuries.

Firstly, music has been around for centuries. In Ancient Greece they told stories through song, accompanied by lyres (harp-like instrument), citharas (kind of like a guitar), and the aulos (a V-shaped recorder type instrument).


The pure existence of music is connecting to history. Whilst music is different to the extreme from its origins, it has survived conflict, famine, natural disasters, and even the rise and fall of empires, and has evolved into what it is now.

Music is a form of communication.

Secondly, music is a form of communication. Whether that is Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber talking about the pedestals they were put on at a young age in “Monster”, KB recording “Masterpiece” as a message of hope and advice for his daughter, or As We Are making comment on the social state in “Paralysed”.

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It is all communication, and I’m not just talking about lyrically either which brings me on to my next point.

It’s a way of expressing emotions.

Music is emotional. It’s a way of expressing, exposing, and sympathising with emotions by either listening to or writing it. And I do believe this ability to craft something, even if it isn’t their own writing, into a piece that evokes so much feeling is what separates an artist from a musician.


Look at the above examples, look at the likes of Peabod, Crowder, Rend Collective, and pretty much all the artists on our playlist. They all achieve that emotional connection with the listener and the purpose of their songs.

Music is something that every human comes in contact with.

Some people connect with different things in different ways, and some just won’t connect with something at all, go check my 'Music and Ice Cream' blog post for more on that. But music is something that every human comes in contact with.

This is why I am here talking about it, writing about it. Music is as natural to humans as breathing.

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