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When artists collide to make music

Josh Kinghorn, 17th Jun 2021
Tags: Music Blog Crowder Lecrae Tedashii

Something that seems quite hit and miss in the music industry is collaborations. Whether the song is a bit meh, or the two artists working together are completely different, too different for it to make sense. 

However, when a collaboration comes out and it hits the mark it is usually surprising and elevates the tracks to a place that the artists might not get to individually.

The most common, from what I’ve seen, has been singers collaborating with rappers. One of my personal favourites is “Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains)” by Crowder, with the video version featuring Tedashii, both artists featuring on the xRhythms playlist.

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Whilst the album version is still great, the feature from Tedashii on the breakdown gives a different sort of energy to the track and lifts it to a place that it wouldn’t by itself.

Let’s flip the script a bit and look at a rapper featuring a singer with “Reasons” by Hulvey ft Lecrae and SVRCINA.

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This one has the basis of a rap track, and the two rappers Hulvey and Lecrae both bring their individual style and flow to complement each other on this song. SVRCINA brings a smooth chorus melody that I don’t think would be as effective coming from one of the guys here.

As I said at the start, collaborations are usually hit and miss in music. However, I’ve seen and heard plenty of them that have been utterly amazing and have even introduced me to new artists that I’ve gone on to enjoy with their solo stuff. There is no harm giving something a try. 

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