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The virtual song that brought the UK together

Rejoice Mawire, 5th May 2020
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I absolutely love the song ‘The Blessing’ by Elevation Worship. It was released at the beginning of March, and it’s such a special song because it carries a special message.

The song is literally just signing the blessings of God over you and your life.

If you don’t know what that means, it’s like someone saying lots of positive and uplifting things to you, and telling you that God is for you.

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If you’ve ever been on YouTube, Instagram, or any other places with blogs, you’ve probably seen some posts talking about positivity or gratitude.

More people are making an effort to write down what they are grateful for, to think about positive things, or even to say regular affirmations to themselves. I believe it all started when they recognised that what we say and what we think about makes a difference in us.

We should be mindful of the things we feed on.

Our words and our thoughts carry so much power to shape and influence us. It has a massive impact on our identity and therefore we should be mindful of the things we feed on, what we’re watching and listening to, and the things say to ourselves.

Given the importance of this, it was so heart-warming and precious to see that Church leaders around the UK teamed up to sing ‘The Blessing’, and to speak these uplifting words to everyone in our country.

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This is ever so valuable. I literally cried 2-3 times while watching the video, it really touched me.

Regardless of what you’re doing right now, pause for a moment and take 6 minutes to listen to this song.

Words are so powerful.

As I mentioned earlier, words are so powerful, so let these beautiful people sing and speak these words of hope, peace, and joy into your life.

Taking the time to regularly listen to these kinds of songs is ever so precious. It will change your life and bring you peace in ways you can’t explain.

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