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Music and Social Media

Josh Kinghorn, 16th Aug 2021
Tags: Music Blog Social Media A.I. The Anomaly

Social media has become such a big part of our lives in the past decade or so. The ability to communicate, express, and discuss on an open platform with people worldwide has been a technological advancement that has pretty much defined a generation with international connectivity. 

Because of this, it has become an absolute goldmine for musicians and recording artists globally, especially with platforms like YouTube giving artists access to new audiences and communicating with fans. This will always be a massive advantage in the industry, and most artists use it effectively. 

Social media
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The uses artists get out of social media are mostly connections with fans. The social aspect means that fans can find out a bit more about what the artist is up to on a regular basis, whether that is personal life or advertising for tours and releases.

Throughout the past year, social media live streaming has given artists a way to perform for their audience remotely and also do Q&A sessions, keeping their fans updated with content. 

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American rapper A.I. The Anomaly is one of the artists on our xRhythms playlist that has truly mastered this art. You might know her from her single "Weeping Woman".

She posts on quite a regular basis, but it isn’t always the same sort of thing.

As an artist she shares her music and her live performances, but she also shares some elements of her personal life and her production company Get Fokus’d Productions.

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