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Milk and Honey: Crowder’s best album?

Josh Kinghorn, 19th Sep 2021
Tags: Music Blog Crowder

So a little while back I talked about how David Crowder was the perfect example of the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. I also mentioned that he would be releasing an album in June and his release of a single from that album, “Good God Almighty”. 

Since I’ve had access to it I have listened to it nearly on repeat. I have even listened to the full album, yes I do mean the entire album, multiple times in one day. But why? What is it that makes this album so good? 

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Aside from the excellent production, heartfelt lyrics and outstanding musical performances, each track is its own unique thing but they come together in some weird Crowder way to make it feel complete. The eclectic mix of praise anthems, hopeful ballads, hype tracks and a little bit of folky flair leading to a powerful choral conclusion just sounds so complete in itself, despite the differences from track to track.

This is something that I believe makes Crowder stand out a lot as an artist. As I’ve said before, his music is taking cues from a multitude of genres and combining them into one solid construction, then doing that all over again to complete an album. And to do this consistently takes a lot of talent.

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