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Is 'Glam Metal' a thing?

Josh Kinghorn, 28th Sep 2021
Tags: Music Blog Chaotic Resemblance Rock

Nowadays when the phrase “Glam Metal” gets brought up people usually think of Stryper, Motley Crue and even Bon Jovi amongst others. However, it is very rare that people would think about a Glam Metal band from the past two decades, let alone the past couple of years. 

However, there is one band that is definitely within that realm of metal and they go by the name Chaotic Resemblance. 

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Though the crew from Oklahoma have a darker edge to what you’d expect from the genre you can clearly hear the influences and glam twists typical for the genre, like the no screaming but some grit in the vocals and the anthemic style of writing. 

Chaotic Resemblance actually got their name from the Bible, which they talked about with Christian Molten Metal Bands specifically referencing the book of Isaiah 40:18. The verse says, "To whom can you compare God? What image can you find to resemble him?" 

It is clear that this group have the talent and the edge.

Whilst their moniker and their lyrical content are strongly faith forward their talent and pedigree speak for themselves. Having shared the stage with bands like KUTLESS, Petra and P.O.D. it is clear that this group have the talent and the edge to play with some of the best there are.

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