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Caribbean grooves from Trinidad and Tobago

Josh Kinghorn, 23rd Aug 2021
Tags: Music Blog Jahzy World

There are some perks of doing what I do. So much music crosses my path on top of what I choose to listen to normally. This is an absolute blessing as a musician as I never know what I’m gonna come across and I never know what is gonna sound good. 

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This is exactly the case when it comes to Jahzy and Marc Isaacs’ track “Dancey”, which was released in May last year. 

This Patois-infused reggae spirit groove is definitely not something I would listen to of my own volition. However, the dembow rhythm sticks in your head and stays there, and the fact that the chorus talks you through the choreography that is shown in the video is enough to make anyone want to jump up and join in with getting dancey. 

These guys bringing a flavour of Trinidad and Tobago forward.

This track in particular has made me realise how fascinating it is to experience faith music from another culture. These guys bringing a flavour of Trinidad and Tobago forward and combining them with faith based lyrics not only highlights their culture but adds an extra twist to what Christian music can be and how much potential it has.

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