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You’ve got a friend in him

Asuefai Harcourt, 9th Sep 2021
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I feel as though many a times people make God out to be this very scary being with a loud booming voice with a lot of rules, who’s whole essence is to bark out orders and one has to follow certain protocols to summon his presence and speak to him. Well, I’m here to break some news to you.

God wants to be your friend. Haven’t you heard this being said before? He knows you and wants you to get to know him too. In the Bible, 2 Corinthians 5:17-19 tells us that when we believe in him, we then are reconciled to him. The word reconciled reflects being brought together and you can only be together with someone you have a relationship with, right?

take his hand

Take me for instance, all of my best moments with God are magnified as a result of my relationship with him and I come to this realisation at every single point.

I had to find a quiet space.

When I first started praying ‘seriously’ it was almost ceremonious. I had to find a quiet space, enter a certain mood and pray in a particular pattern with no distraction whatsoever, eyes closed and all the dramatics. I'd start from maybe an apology, to then sweet talking my way into making all the requests I wanted to make. At that stage, prayer was not something I enjoyed doing; it was more of a chore. 

Now when I want to pray, you may be next to me and not even realise I’m praying. You’d most likely think I’m having a conversation with myself. Yes sometimes you take out time to do all of those ceremonials to pray, but not always.

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Look at it this way; you can talk to your best friend anywhere, and at any time and about anything and everything. Not only when you need something, but sometimes when you just need some company, or someone to rant to, or bounce something off. 

He wants to be your person.

But there are also times when you sit them down away from the world and it’s crazy and you have serious conversations, and make plans or requests and ask for guidance and the likes. This is exactly the relationship God wants to have with you. He wants to be your person. He wants to be there for it all; the good, the bad, the ugly, the normal, the boring, the crazy, and even the stale. All.

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The best way to live and to do life well is with God, because then whatever it is you could possibly think of, in that friendship with him, you’ll find it.

He’s ready to do absolutely anything and everything for you; that is guaranteed.

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