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Who you say I am

Grace Sanders, 2nd Aug 2020
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We scroll through our social media timelines and we see “perfect people” with seemingly “perfect lives”. Selfies with the best lighting, coupled up photos with cute captions, and exotic holiday snaps.

On YouTube we watch vlogs from people who have exciting, fun filled days and we feel like ours don’t quite compare to theirs. Maybe we look at those around us in life, friends or siblings, and wish we were a little more like them.

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It’s so easy to fall into a trap of comparing ourselves to those we see online or those close to us, or even doubting our own worth.

Sometimes we become so concerned with the way that others may see us, or the way that we view ourselves, that we forget how God actually sees us.

God sees us so differently.

Whilst the world can see us based on how many likes we got on our photo, how many followers we have, how popular or how pretty we are, God sees us so differently. He pushes aside those factors and looks at you, completely in love with his creation.

God designed each one of us differently from the other, no two of us exactly the same. He created you with a plan and a purpose, different from mine and different from your friends, siblings, or the person you see online.

Demi Lovato saying you are beautiful and wonderful
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The Bible is helpful for telling us more about our value. One of my favourite chapters is Psalm 139. It’s an amazing part to read, and one I often find myself reading if I need a reminder of my identity.

One verse that I particularly love is verse 14, which reads, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, that I know full well.”

You don’t need to look a different way or change your personality.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s eyes, so own that for yourself. Know that he made you to be the wonderful person that you are. You don’t need to look a different way or change your personality to try and achieve that. You are already his masterpiece.

Here’s a song I wanted to share with you by Lauren Daigle, which I heard at work the other day.

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I love the lyrics of this song, as it reminds us that in life it is very easy to believe what the world says of us is true. However, instead, we can feel so comforted by who God says we are and the opportunity we have to have a personal relationship with him.

Look beyond what the world says you are.

So I encourage you this week if you find yourselves doubting your identity, remember to look beyond who the world says you are.

Know that you are made with a purpose and that God holds a plan for your life, and you are so loved by Him.

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