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Which Starbucks drink suits your personality?

Phoebe Simcock, 8th Sep 2021
Tags: Life Quiz

Choose which letter best suits you and see which drink suits you.



Which of these would you choose as an accessory for your bedroom? 

  1. A fluffy blanket 
  2. Photos of friends  
  3. Spice smelling candles  
  4. Souvenirs from holidays 
  5. Posters of my favourite things 
  6. I like to keep my room minimal 

It’s time for dessert, what are you having? 

  1. Brownie  
  2. Victoria Sponge 
  3. Apple and cinnamon pie  
  4. Strawberry mousse 
  5. Sticky Toffee pudding 
  6. Coffee cake  

What time of year do you look forward to the most?  

  1. Christmas  
  2. Winter  
  3. Autumn  
  4. Summer  
  5. I look forward to them all  
  6. I don’t look forward to any in particular 

Which app do you spend most of your time on? 

  1. Youtube  
  2. Facebook  
  3. Instagram  
  4. Snapchat 
  5. Tiktok  
  6. Email  

What’s your ideal birthday celebration?  

  1. A party at home with my loved ones 
  2. Popcorn and pizza film night with my friends  
  3. A meal at a cool new restaurant  
  4. Fun at the beach 
  5. Spa day  
  6. A relaxed day at home doing as I please  

Which of these are you most likely to say?  

  1. ‘I’m happy to do whatever everyone else does’  
  2. ‘I’m a bit worried about you’  
  3. ‘Don’t eat that yet, I’m taking a picture’  
  4. ‘I want some bright striped trousers’  
  5. ‘No, honestly, I really don’t care about it’  
  6. ‘I’m going to give those plans a miss, sorry’  

You find out your friend said something nasty about you behind your back, how do you react? 

  1. Be noticeably upset with them but not say why 
  2. Have a chat with them about it to find out why  
  3. Post on socials about fake friends  
  4. Forget it, everyone has days where they let off steam  
  5. Pretend that nothing has happened but be very upset in private 
  6. Forget them, you don’t need that negativity holding you back
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How did you do?

Mostly 1’s: Hot Chocolate

You still hang onto your childlike natures and what better way to nurture that than with a Starbucks hot chocolate? Your friends say you’re easy to please, but you know you’re just laid back and happy – especially when you’re fulfilling your sweet cravings. 

Mostly 2’s: Cup of Tea

So you’re homely and probably the mum of your group. More than likely you only go in Starbucks because you’re hanging out with others and you don’t really understand the hype. You believe tea is underrated liquid gold, and you’re sticking by that.  

Mostly 3’s: Pumpkin Spiced Latte

You’re all about the seasonal favourites and if they’re aesthetically pleasing that’s good too. You dream of autumnal walks and you probably pop your Christmas tree up earlier than everyone else and enjoy it all in a cosy turtle neck.   


Mostly 4’s: Strawberry Acai Refresher

The term funky fresh is all about you. You love trying new things and having summer adventures is your dream, so obviously you need a drink to match this lifestyle. So obviously it’ll have to be something bright, fruity and refreshing.  

Mostly 5’s: Caramel Macchiato

You’re a mixed bag, and sometimes people don’t know what to make of you. You’re either very sweet or come across as quite harsh, and you can conceal your emotions when you don’t feel comfortable sharing.  

Mostly 6’s: Espresso

You’re always on the go or feeling the pressures of life, so a hard hitting and simple Espresso is the way forward. You like an easy life and probably despise those who buy coffee for the aesthetic or fill their coffee with sugar and decoration.

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