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Which Shrek character are you?

Phoebe Simcock, 12th Jul 2021
Tags: Life Quiz Film


Write down your answer and tally them up at the end.

Fiona in shrek
Image Credit: Giphy

Ideal Place to Live?

  1. A busy area with lots of shops
  2. Whenever I land, I like to travel around
  3. The countryside
  4. A large mansion in the woods
  5. A shared townhouse with friends
  6. A little cottage with my loved ones

What are you choosing for tea?

  1. Eating out at expensive restaurants
  2. Foods from different cultures – paella anyone?
  3. I’ll eat anything, maybe a buffet would be best
  4. McDonalds or a take away for me
  5. I’ve got a sweet tooth,  I’m going straight for the crepes or waffles
  6. Traditional home-cooked meal, Shepherd’s Pie or a Stew, please

Weekend outfit choice?

  1. Smart, I like to look professional wherever I go
  2. Basic outfit with some funky accessories
  3. Anything comfy, you’ll usually find me in sweats
  4. I can’t resist dressing up fancy, I’m all about the style
  5. I have no interest in clothes. Maybe Jeans and a t-shirt?
  6. Something with patterns or prints

You’re part of a big company, what role would you play?

  1. The boss, I like the responsibility
  2. Marketing, I’ll promote the business on social media
  3. Research, any chance to get out of the office
  4. Management, I’d prefer to hand out the jobs
  5. I’m all about the social side, any job will do
  6. Human resources, always here to help

What can’t you live without?

  1. My bed. All about the comfort.
  2. Music. Silence isn’t my style
  3. A bath. Alone time is needed.
  4. My phone. The answer to everything.
  5. Snacks. No shame in snacks.
  6. Notepad and pen. So multifunctional.

How would your friends describe you?

  1. Bossy
  2. Charming
  3. Stubborn
  4. Sassy
  5. Funny
  6. Caring

In five years’ time you’ll be…

  1. Living alone and doing everything as I’d like
  2. Travelling and exploring
  3. I don’t do planning ahead
  4. Excelling in my career
  5. Living with a group of friends having fun
  6. I’d love a big family and my own home

How did you do?

If you chose mostly 1's

You’re Lord Farquaad! You are definitely a leader and strive to have it all. 

Lord Farquaad
Image Credit: Giphy

Some would say that you’re mean, but we all know that you’re just driven because you know exactly what you want.

If you chose mostly 2’s

You’re Puss in Boots! You’re a cultured cat indeed, you love being creative and trying new things. 

Puss in Boots
Image Credit: Giphy

You are a true charmer and can use this to get you and your friends out of mischief.

If you chose mostly 3’s

You’re Shrek! You like a quiet life and when this is disturbed you can be grouchy.

Image Credit: Giphy

You have your home comforts but you will spend a day without them if that means helping your loved ones.

If you chose mostly 4’s

You’re the Fairy Godmother! You’re a sassy character and are usually dressed to impress.

Fairy Godmother
Image Credit: Giphy

Your ideal world is sat with your phone and a McDonald’s whilst running your successful business.

If you chose mostly 5’s

You’re Donkey! You have a heart of gold and never fail to make people laugh with your funny antics. 

Image Credit: Giphy

You stand by your friends and always manage to find the bright side of situations.

If you chose mostly 6’s

You’re Princess Fiona! You’re strong and independent but your loved ones still come first.

Princess Fiona
Image Credit: Giphy

Others know how caring and wise you are, and also not to mess with you.

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