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Which role in xRhythms would suit you?

Phoebe Simcock, 23rd Aug 2021
Tags: Life Quiz Ambition Career


Choose which letter best suits you and see which role is best for your personality.

Which hobby do you enjoy?  

  1. Scrolling on my phone
  2. Reading 
  3. Acting  
  4. Writing  
  5. Watching YouTube 
  6. Listening to Music 

You’ve made a new friend. What’s your next move? 

  1. Stalk their socials and add them on Facebook  
  2. Organise a day out for you both 
  3. Encourage them to come with you to meet more new people 
  4. Ask them lots of questions to try and get to know them  
  5. Show them funny videos to see if they share your humour 
  6. Talk about what you enjoy and see if they enjoy that too 

What’s your favourite part about a day out, that’s not the trip itself? 

  1. Taking and posting the pictures  
  2. Planning the trip 
  3. Telling everyone about all of your adventures 
  4. Scrapbooking your day 
  5. Watching videos on others visiting the same place 
  6. Creating the best playlist for the journey 

Your friend is coming over, what are you most likely to be doing? 

  1. Probably just scrolling on our phones next to each other 
  2. Having deep chats about how to sort our lives out 
  3. Creating something awesome to show to others 
  4. Playing quizzes or board games  
  5. Watching Netflix  
  6. Listening to your favourite albums 

Which of these is your friend most likely to say that you are?  

  1. Aesthetic  
  2. Perceptive  
  3. Charismatic  
  4. Versatile 
  5. Patient 
  6. Expressive 

You’re watching a trailer for an awful new film, what annoys you the most about it? 

  1. The ugly colour scheme 
  2. Inconsistency in the plot 
  3. The bad acting 
  4. Badly written speech 
  5. The awful special effects 
  6. The poor music choices 

If you were part of making a film, which role would you do?  

  1. Promote the film online 
  2. The director  
  3. The lead actor 
  4. The script writer 
  5. Edit the production 
  6. Put together the soundtrack

How did you do?

Mostly 1’s 

Social Media Marketing Assistant. You’ll create cool promotion videos, design social media posts and edit this to perfection. 

Social Media Marketing

You’ll have a great time choosing your scheme and making sure the aesthetics are on point. 

Mostly 2’s 

Content Controller. You check everyone’s work before it can be posted online, so you need to be organised for this role. 

Content Controller

You are regularly seen reading and editing posts and creating some yourself. None of it would be possible without you! 

Mostly 3’s 

Video Content Creator. Your videos bring entertainment and information on a daily basis so you’re always prepared to be on camera.

Video Content Creator

You are confident in your abilities and love when others join in with you. 

Mostly 4’s 

Life Content Writer. You create blogs and articles that are on a range of topics, so you have to be a versatile writer.

Life Content Journalist

Occasionally you’ll join in on someone else’s video, or do an Instagram story promoting your work. 

Mostly 5’s 

Video Editor and Producer. This role provides you to be patient and observant. The silliness that goes on behind the camera is now going to be made to look amazing by you.

Video Editor and Producer

You cut up the videos, and re-stitch them back together adding videos and effects to make your visual masterpiece. 

Mostly 6’s 

Music Journalist. You’ll listen to and analyse new music then create blog posts and music lists to introduce this music to others.  

Music Journalist

You’ll usually be found with headphones on, but don’t always expect to love what you hear!

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