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Which Roald Dahl character are you?

Phoebe Simcock, 25th Oct 2021
Tags: Life Quiz

Roald Dahl

Which of these is most likely to be on your Christmas list? 

  1. Books  
  2. Food  
  3. Money 
  4. Games  
  5. A mix of everything 
  6. Experience day  

What were you mostly doing as a child? 

  1. My school work 
  2. Exploring 
  3. Playing tricks on my siblings 
  4. Spending time with family   
  5. Arguing with parents  
  6. Daydreaming 

How do you react when being told what to do? 

  1. Consider their intentions before acting  
  2. Pretend to do as they say, then rebel 
  3. Laugh in their face  
  4. Agree and do as requested of me  
  5. Shout at them even when they’re doing their best for me 
  6. Get upset when put under pressure  

Which family member are you at gatherings? 

  1. The conversationalist 
  2. I cause havoc but everyone still loves me  
  3. Avoiding everyone because I don’t like any of them 
  4. The awkward one  
  5. The organiser  
  6. The one bringing the fun 

Where would you most like to be right now? 

  1. In my duvet with a book and snacks 
  2. Adventures in unknown territory 
  3. On my own baking 
  4. Going for a relaxing countryside walk  
  5. Spending all of my savings on clothes shopping 
  6. Watching stupid videos on YouTube 

What scares you the most? 

  1. Getting hurt 
  2. Losing family  
  3. Being humiliated 
  4. No freedom  
  5. No money 
  6. No friends  

What is your dream bedroom like? 

  1. Bookcases, fairy lights and a writing desk 
  2. Personalised wall graffiti and souvenirs 
  3. Industrial look with brick walls and homemade features 
  4. Lots of animals, access to the outdoors and a comfy sofa 
  5. 70” TV, snack bar and a walk in wardrobe.
  6. Water bed, mini fridge and lots of pictures of friends 

How did you do?

Mostly 1’s

You’re Matilda! You’re intelligent, inquisitive and love to learn new things. You love talking about stuff that interests you and can be very independent because you don’t like being hurt. 

You like your own space and sometimes you can come across as a bit distant or bossy when you want your own way. 

Mostly 2’s

You’re Fantastic Mr Fox! Like Mr Fox you’re a rebel, and you’ll do anything to make sure that you succeed for yourself and your loved ones. 

This determination makes you a wonderful leader but you can also be cunning and your lies catch up with you when you’re not careful.  

Mostly 3’s

You’re Mrs Twit! You can be one for cruel pranks on people but you don’t take life too seriously. 

Roald Dahl

Others appreciate your witty sense of humour and your zest for life but remember that sometimes you can take things too far and you can only play jokes on people if you’re willing to accept it back. 

Mostly 4’s

You’re Danny the Champion of the World! You love the freedom that the outdoors brings because you’re not much of a people person. 

Danny the Champion of the World

You like being in this comfort zone and others love you for that too, but sometimes you hold yourself back when trying new things you might really enjoy.  

Mostly 5’s

You’re Veruca Salt! You’re completely headstrong and capable of achieving greatness. 

Veruca Salt

There’s no doubt that you will get whatever you need to live a happy life. This happy life may come at a price if you don’t show your loved ones the credit that they deserve though! 

Mostly 6’s

You’re the BFG! You’re a lovable dreamer who will go to great lengths to care for their friends. 

the BFG

Some may say you’re naïve because you try and find the good in everyone so be careful who you trust because people may take advantage of your nature. 

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