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Which job would best suit you?

Phoebe Simcock, 8th Nov 2021
Tags: Life Quiz Ambition Work


Which of these cool jobs would you do for a day? 

  1. Dog agility trainer  
  2. Constructing theatre sets  
  3. Circus performer 
  4. Inventing gadgets for spies  
  5. An archaeologist in the desert 
  6. A personal shopper for celebrities 

Which school subject was or is the most interesting to you?  

  1. Art or English  
  2. D.T Woodwork or Maths  
  3. Drama or Music  
  4. I.T or Geography 
  5. Health and Social or Science
  6. Business Studies or D.T Food Tech 

How do you deal with problems? 

  1. Creatively – Problems often need an unusual approach, so I’ll try lots of different things 
  2. Practically – Find the correct tools and there is no problem and no stress 
  3. Dramatically – If I am open about my problem others may offer to help  
  4. Logically – It’s important to consider the result of my actions and the other variables 
  5. Thoughtfully – I use past experiences and research to solve the problem
  6. Actively – I am quick and concise because the problem may affect others 

How are you with other people?  

  1. I enjoy helping others and I can be patient if others are worried or upset  
  2. I like the company of few but I don’t give my time to those who make no effort  
  3. I’m usually the confident one in groups and I enjoy having the attention of others 
  4. I’m quite insular and work best in small groups who understand my shyness 
  5. I like being around other caring people like myself, but I feel let down easily by others  
  6. I generally am agitated by others even though I hide it, so I like to keep myself to my friends  

What is or was the most important thing about starting a new school year? 

  1. The stationary! 
  2. The new skills  
  3. Meeting new people  
  4. The prospect of being one year closer to leaving school  
  5. The challenge of new topics  
  6. A chance for a new fresh start  

Which film character would you most like to be?  

  1. Dewey Finn (School of Rock) 
  2. Buzz Lightyear  
  3. Cruella  
  4. Q from James Bond  
  5. Mary Poppins 
  6. Rachel Green 

Which chore is the least boring to you?  

  1. Tidying my room  
  2. Putting together new furniture  
  3. Hoovering the living room 
  4. Fixing a broken plug socket  
  5. Cleaning up the kitchen  
  6. Ringing a company to complain or enquire

Which number did you get the most of?

1’s: Primary School Teacher

You are creative, fun and have a real patience for others. To you, one approach doesn’t suit everyone and this empathy and understanding would make you a great teacher.

2’s: Builder

You are practically minded and work best in practical jobs. You always manage to find the answer to problems through activity rather than worry and you’d never leave a job unfinished.

3’s: Actor

Your friends may say that you’re dramatic but that’s because you’re destined to be an actress. You are lively, confident and find that discussion and being open is the way forward.

4’s: I.T Technician

You work best alone and prefer to do technical jobs which can be done more efficiently when isolated. Although being social isn’t for you, you are intelligent and considerate.

5’s: Doctor

You are probably the parent of your friends because you have a trusting and comforting nature about you. You are great in emergency situations and this makes you a great doctor.

6’s: Retail

You have a calm yet social approach to life and even though people can be difficult and this upsets you, you always finish the job in hand and focus on your own successes.

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