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When are our defining years?

Image Credit: Pexels

Asuefai Harcourt, 7th Sep 2022
Tags: Life Blog Culture Dreams Identity

I really did dread my twenties. I dreaded not only the decisions I was told I would have to make, but also the expectations that I (along with everyone else) would have of myself - I never wanted to disappoint. I was told my twenties would define the rest of my life. What exactly makes it defining though? 

It wasn’t too long before I burst my own bubble. I realised that I didn't have a defining decade. 

My defining time is whenever I come to know and accept who I am and it doesn't come with a user manual, with a start and finish point.

After my 20th birthday everyone was asking me how it felt to be 20. I felt no different. It wasn’t on my 20th birthday that I began to grow. I already had been growing, I just wasn’t aware of it.

No matter how old we get, we must remember not to rush ourselves into things we are not ready for, and if we aren't ready to take the next big step when we turn 20, what's the rush? 

We must get rid of this unnecessary pressure and expectation that pushes us to act and takes away our peace and enjoyment.

A lot of people by society's definition, are past their peak, when in reality, they are in their perfect timeline.

Stop putting pressure on yourself and focus rather on your personal journey.

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