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What I’ve learnt working in a Christian company

Phoebe Simcock, 10th Sep 2021
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When starting a new job, it’s imperative to be aware that you will be completely out of your comfort zone once again, but it won’t last long. This is probably why the notion of starting a new job can seem very daunting. 

For me, it’s not just the job itself, but the constant questions that I have going through my head about my new routine. Questions such as ‘where do I have dinner?’, ‘what time does everyone go?’, ‘am I doing things correctly?’ I know these things are completely normal to worry about, but that doesn’t make them seem any less scary.   


I started my current position in June, and these worries cropped up unannounced into my head once again. I was told at my interview that this was a Christian charity organisation I would be working for, and although I believe deeply that love and truth will always prosper, I wouldn’t consider myself a practicing Christian. I was concerned that I wouldn’t feel part of the group, but I couldn’t be more wrong.

I found this experience to now be much more beneficial.

Every Monday morning we discuss how last week went, and how we want to progress for this week. We then go into prayer, and it is optional if you want to say something out loud or not. I have not prayed in a group since primary school, but I found this experience to now be much more beneficial. 

I have never been in a job before that held a meeting, or bought everyone together to discuss our feelings on the week. This time in the morning combined with the prayer is something that I was once so nervous about, now it feels like the most important time of the week.  

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These meetings encourage us to open up to each other if we’ve had a bad week, and this then makes the rest of us aware to be more sensitive with this person if they’re having a bad time. We also congratulate those who’ve made achievements and a mere 10 minutes each Monday boosts everyone’s morale for the whole week.

As a non-practicing Christian, the time for prayer is not useless, quite the opposite. I use this time to listen to the prayer of others, and to reflect on how grateful I am for my good fortunes or how I’d like for a part of my life to improve. I put the consideration and care put into this Monday meeting not just down to the lovely staff here, but down to the fact this is a Christian organisation.  

The mindfulness and understanding that prayer brings creates a more relaxed and loving environment.

I have noticed that the mindfulness and understanding that prayer brings creates a more relaxed and loving environment. Unlike other jobs I have not encountered any bad atmosphere between my colleagues and each dispute is met with discussion rather than speculation. The office environment is a welcoming space and difficulties at home are met with sympathy rather than frustration. 

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My colleagues understand that life is not always easy and because of their understanding I feel more motivated to be part of the team and create great work for the organisation. This atmosphere encourages colleagues to work more efficiently together and myself and the other new members of staff meet up socially with our boss to co-operate and have fun outside of the office.

Working for a Christian organisation has changed my life, and made me respect and understand the beliefs of others and I have realised that not everyone needs to believe the same thing to work in harmony and love.

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