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What about the future?

Grace Sanders, 9th Jan 2021
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If you’re in your teens, I can guarantee you’ve been asked the question “what do you plan on doing in the future?” a dozen times.

Maybe you know exactly what you want to do with your life; the university you plan to go to, the degree you wish to study, the job you want, where you want to travel.

If you do have an idea, that’s amazing! If you have no clue, not even a rough one, then don’t worry. You’re not alone in the slightest.

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Let me tell you, I’ve been there. I was never one of those kids who knew exactly what I wanted to do in the future. So whenever that question was thrown my way as a teenager, it was a hard one to answer.

If you resonate with my teenage self, I want to give you an encouragement. 


Do you have any hobbies, passions or activities that you love? Maybe you like baking, love animals, or have an eye for fashion and makeup? Perhaps you love helping those in need in your community or campaigning to make a difference?

Whatever it is you enjoy, interests you or you find yourself drawn to in your spare time, I’d say this is something to consider when thinking about your future.

The Simpsons my interests
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Is there a career that relates to that thing? Maybe a college course or university degree? If so, that’s definitely an option to consider, as you know you’ll be working or studying in a field you enjoy.

Personally, I love writing and getting to be creative. I’ve managed to pursue those passions and hobbies; I run a small business using my creativity to create handmade products inspired by my Christian faith (my biggest passion), I’m currently completing a degree in Creative Writing, and I also use my craft to write blog posts.

I can happily say that it feels amazing to be studying and working in fields that I just love! You might feel the same with your hobbies too.


I think it’s great to challenge yourself to try something new, you never know how much you may enjoy it.

This could be my new thing
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Why not look into volunteering or work experience opportunities? You could take up new hobbies, join clubs or even look at different courses available to you.


One thing I’ve had to stop myself from doing is falling into a trap of comparison when it comes to timelines.

How easy can it be to look at someone on social media and think how much further ahead they look in life to you? Or even your friend, sibling or someone else you know. They may know exactly what they wish to do in the future, whilst you don’t have a clue. 

The idea that you have to know exactly what you want to do whilst you’re still in your teenage years (or even as a young adult) can feel disheartening.

No rush, we've got plenty of time
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Don’t let other people’s timelines rush you or worry you. We are all on our own different journeys.

As a Christian, I believe that God knows our future and he will reveal it to us in his own timing…and whenever that will be, it’ll be at the right time.

I hope these tips have been an encouragement! Please remember, you’re young and there’s no need to rush to figure things out.

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