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Ways to spread kindness

Grace Sanders, 24th Oct 2020
Tags: Life Blog

Kindness. The world could use a little more of it, especially in the crazy time we’re living in right now. 

Recently I’ve been thinking about how important it is to spread love to those around us; sometimes we don’t see the struggles people are facing in life, and a little bit of kindness can really brighten their day.

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A small act of kindness can make just as much of a difference as a big one. Although buying everyone’s dinner at a meal or paying for someone’s giant food shop at the supermarket is an extremely kind gesture, being kind doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Sometimes an act of kindness can simply be giving someone a portion of your time. Here are some ideas of how you can show kindness to those around you.

Text, video call, or phone a friend

Why not take the time today to check in with a friend? Life isn’t always easy, which is why it’s so important for us to look out for our friends and support them in life.

Girl texting
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You may not even realise how much of a difference it will make just to check in on them and make sure they’re okay. 

Ask how they genuinely are, laugh together, encourage one another. You could have a phone call catch up, watch a movie together on Zoom, or send them an encouraging text message.

Write a letter to someone

If you want to do something a little different than sending a text message, you could opt for the “old fashioned way” as some would say.

Lisa writing a letter
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I don’t know about you, but whenever I receive a letter through the post I find it really exciting. They’re such a rarity to receive and it’s such a thoughtful idea. 

Chose someone special and write them a letter on why you’re thankful for them.

Surprise a friend

If the weather is good, plan a socially distanced picnic, organise a Zoom game evening, or even leave them a bunch of flowers or their favourite chocolate on their doorstep.

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Support a small business

It’s a hard time for small businesses, and I think it’s so amazing to take this time to shop from independent shops and businesses, whether that be locally or online.

Did you know that you don’t always have to make a purchase to support a small business? Liking their Instagram posts, writing a positive review, or even telling your friends about them can really make a big difference too.

Dog shopping
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Support your community

Over lockdown, my sister and brother in law put notes through their neighbours doors with their contact details on. This meant that any neighbours who were more vulnerable and couldn’t leave the house still were able to get essential shopping items through them.

It was such an amazing idea that I know helped a lot of people.

Even though the lockdown rules are more at ease now, it’s definitely important to check up on those around you to see if you can give them a hand.

We're all in this together
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That may be picking up a few items for them on your next shopping trip, or just asking how they are and having a conversation with them. You could even help with local community charities in your area, such as food banks.

Today, or this week going ahead, I encourage you to complete one of these random acts (or another of your own).

Whether it’s a big or a small act, know that whilst we may not say it, spreading the love makes a big difference to those around us!

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