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Toy Story Personality Quiz

Phoebe Simcock, 26th Sep 2021
Tags: Life Quiz

Toy Story


If you were in a dangerous situation, how would you react?

  1. Logically – I’d plan meticulously the best solution at my own pace  
  2. Sarcastically- I’d bring out the ‘I told you so’s’ to whoever got me in that mess  
  3. Emotionally – Be upset and panic slightly before trying to escape 
  4. Comedically - You’ll find the bright side of any situation, everything will always work out right? 
  5. Actively -  Instantly you’ll decide what to do but instant action doesn’t always end well  
  6. Quietly- You don’t like to make a fuss, so you’ll just remain in danger until someone helps  

What is most likely to be on your Christmas list? 

  1. An experience day to spend with friends 
  2. Something to build or create 
  3. A pet  
  4. A new piece of technology  
  5. An adventure or thrill-seeker experience day 
  6. Clothes  

What sort of friend are you in your friend group?  

  1. The loyal one 
  2. The moody one  
  3. The energetic one  
  4. The inventive one  
  5. The opinionated one  
  6. The loving one  

What film genre is your go to?  

  1. Family films 
  2. Biopic  
  3. Comedy 
  4. Sci-fi  
  5. Action  
  6. Rom-Com  

What is your favourite colour?  

  1. Red 
  2. Black 
  3. Yellow  
  4. Blue 
  5. Green 
  6. Pink  

How do you react when meeting someone new?  

  1. Be cautious – Let’s get to know them first  
  2. Be cynical – I don’t need any more friends  
  3. Be excited – New adventures! 
  4. Be helpful- Guidance is always good  
  5. Be commanding- Take them under your wing and lead the way  
  6. Be kind- They’re probably nervous too

How did you do? 

Mostly 1’s – Woody 

You’re a loyal friend who can sometimes feel pushed out when you don’t get the same loyalty back.

Image Credit: Tenor

You like to lead but you find yourself in your own head too much to put plans in place. When anyone needs someone to depend on, they’ll come to you first.  

Mostly 2’s - Mr Potato Head 

You can be moody, cynical and awkward when you don’t agree with something, but that honesty is what makes you special.

Mr Potato Head
Image Credit: Tenor

People rely on you to tell the truth of the situation and when you truly support and love someone it is meaningful and you will defend them no matter what.  

Mostly 3’s – Jessie 

You’re always the one excited about new adventures and your positivity brightens everyone’s day.

Image Credit: Tenor

However, when things go wrong in life you’re the first to be upset and worry because you get easily let down when you have put your faith into something or someone. 

Mostly 4’s – The Aliens 

You keep yourself to yourself as much as you can, but when you are needed you’re always there. You’re uncomplicated, supportive and inventive.

The Aliens
Image Credit: Giphy

You may not always feel like the lead member of your gang but your hobbies and sweet nature win everyone over.  

Mostly 5’s – Buzz 

You’re a confident character who stands out from the crowd as a leader and a maverick.

Image Credit: Tenor

This makes you an excellent friend to have, but sometimes can mean that you hurt people or have a negative impact when you rush into decisions to try and help without really thinking it through.  

Mostly 6’s - Bo Peep 

You’re a kind-natured soul who puts other people before your own feelings.

Bo Peep
Image Credit: Giphy

You may sometimes feel quieter than the rest but when anyone is upset they’ll come to you to comfort them. You love unconditionally but sometimes you let your anxious thoughts get in the way of big decisions.

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