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Seven things that make you a Brit

Emily Turner, 31st Oct 2019
Tags: Life Blog Comedy Culture

Being seen as a typical ‘Brit’ may be a blessing or an insult, depending on who is stereotyping you.

There are several habits and mannerisms that divide us from other nations. In fact, research has found that dunking biscuits in a cup of tea is top of the list. Are you surprised? 

I’ve compiled a list of seven things us Brits do. Check it out and see how many make you a classic Brit.

Having a cup o’ tea and biscuits.

Tea and biscuits
Image Credit: Giphy

Apologising for anything and everything.

girl saying I'm so so so sorry
Image Credit: Giphy

Queuing for anything and everything.

waiting in a queue
Image Credit: Tenor

Dedicated meal days, e.g. Friday Chippy, Sunday Roast.

People eating fish and chips
Image Credit: Tenor

Telling your taxi driver to “Just drop us anywhere here, mate”.

Taxi drop off
Image Credit: Giphy

Wearing summer clothes at the first sight of the sun.

summer time
Image Credit: Giphy

Having chips with gravy, chips with cheese, chips with curry sauce; chips with everything really.

Chips, cheese and gravy
Image Credit: Giphy

So, how did you do?

Are you ready to embrace the British culture, or hide and change your habits?

Be proud of where you're from.

It's funny how different cultures have their own inside habits. These are just a handful of things that make us British. 

Either way, be proud to be you and proud of where you're from. You are special! 

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