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Roald Dahl Story Day

Phoebe Simcock, 13th Sep 2021
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Monday 13th September marks Roald Dahl Story Day, a day celebrating the adventures, stories and characters of beloved national treasure and amazing author, Roald Dahl. This day has been chosen to commemorate his birthday and also gives new readers a chance to get to know his stories and his life. Dahl was a fighter pilot before he was an author, and uses lots of his experiences with people and places to bring his stories to life.

Girl reading book

Celebrating could be the perfect excuse to grab your Roald Dahl books off the shelf, watch Matilda or Fantastic Mr Fox on Netflix or encourage your family and friends to dress up as their favourite characters. Maybe you don’t have chance to do these things, or fancy something a bit more creative? We have five ideas of things to do on the 13th September, true Roald Dahl style!

Find the biggest peach in your local supermarket and eat it or pass it on to a peach loving friend

James and the giant peach was written in 1961 and features young James who finds adventure within a giant peach. You never know where buying a peach could take you, but it helped James make lots of new friends.


Get a library card

Undoubtedly, the best thing that Matilda ever did in 1996 film ‘Matilda’ was get a library card. She explored new lands from her arm chair and it helped her to escape the life that she was living. Library cards are free and it saves you money if you buy books and end up not liking them.

Try a new chocolate bar

We are all guilty of always going for the same chocolate when choosing an after tea snack, why not close your eyes and see which chocolate bar you open your eyes to? 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was written in 1964 and is still really popular today. The children try lots of new chocolate and sweets at the factory, but admittedly that didn’t end well for everyone.

Charlie and the chocolate factory
Image Credit: Giphy

Fly a kite

Those Autumnal winds creeping in are perfect for heading to the park to fly a kite. In ‘Danny the Champion of the World’, Danny is very close to his Father and they enjoy flying kites together. It may be something you never did when you were younger, but it’s never too late!

Create a new word

This could be something interesting for those interested in English and linguistics. Roald Dahl created lots of new words such as Scrumdiddlyumptious, and somehow these weird and wonderful words almost make sense. Why not try and create one of these yourself and convince your friend that it’s in the dictionary?

However you choose to spend the day, don’t forget to post a picture of your favourite Roald Dahl book on your socials and #roalddahlstoryday. Have a hopscotchy day!

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