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Read a Book Day

Phoebe Simcock, 6th Sep 2021
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The beauty of reading truly has never aged, and there’s a big reason for this, because it simply never can. As more reading matter is produced, and technology becomes more advanced, reading is constantly accessible all over the world in different forms. 

Finding time to read a book can sometimes feel tricky.

The real reason that our books may start collecting dust, is time. Finding time to read a book can sometimes feel tricky when the pressures of the world are a constant battle, but a little reminder can do the trick. Read a Book Day is on the 6th of September and it’s your annual reminder to pick up that abandoned book and take some time to explore that world once more.  

Read a Book Day
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Read a Book Day started in America and the goal may sound simple, but there’s much more to it than that. The day hopes to inspire those who are already readers to pick up that book once again, and to encourage non-readers to explore the notion of taking up reading as a new hobby.

This day is not only for your own personal use, but to express your love for reading to others and hope that we can expand the minds of non-readers.

Reading can be enjoyed by everyone.

Reading can sometimes come with negative connotations of being only suitable for those in the field of academia, or only accessible for those with money and lots of time. This isn’t the case, and Read a Book Day intends to amplify this. Reading can be enjoyed by everyone, and isn’t limited to just the classics that you may feel are outdated. Amazing books are coming out all of the time and are free to access in libraries.  

Benjamin franklin book

There are so many benefits of reading, so why not pick up a book and be kind to your mind. Studies have shown that regular reading eases stress, enhances concentration, helps to reduce memory loss and benefits analytical thinking. Opening a book to a new world can expand your knowledge and change your perspective on things if you listen to the characters.

The beauty of a world within a book is that it waits for you, it’s a personal experience. We’ve all just put on Netflix as background noise to sit on our phones to, and one scroll too many leads to complete confusion of the plot.

It can be very important for our mental health.

On TV, characters progress and change and conquer whether you’re watching or not and their lives continue on screen if you’re at home watching or completely oblivious. Now when reading, the world within those pages comes to a standstill if you stop reading. It doesn’t continue without your concentration and you won’t find yourself at the end with no knowledge of it happening. The world of reading is just yours, and expands at your pace. Its job is to transport, and sometimes a break away from our life to explore can be very important for our mental health.  

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I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t make the time for reading as much as I should. Sometimes it just feels like life is too full and when we stop, we’re too tired to even concentrate. But don’t give up! Audio books can be great on the commute to school or work or to listen to before bed. Why not try making books a social thing, and start a book club or do a book swap? The possibilities are endless.

On the 6th September, why not post a picture of your favourite book on your socials with the #readabookday to show everyone that you’re getting involved? 

Happy Reading!

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