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Ralph Breaks the Internet

Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios

Simon Dillon, 10th Dec 2018
Tags: Life Review Adventure Animation Comedy Film

The original 'Wreck-It Ralph' was a terrific film that took me quite by surprise when I first saw it. I went in with low expectations and came out elated, which was especially wonderful because I had just endured a glut of worthy-but-depressing-and-dull films, and had forgotten what it was like to come out of a cinema feeling better than when I went in.

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This sequel, 'Ralph Breaks the Internet', isn’t quite as good, but it is still worthwhile.

The story picks up with video game characters Wreck-It Ralph and best pal Vanellope having fun together on a regular basis, but Vanellope is longing for a break in her predictable routine. After Vanellope’s video game Sugar Rush is damaged, Vanellope and Ralph go 'online' to find a replacement part. Here they discover just what a brilliant and terrible place the internet can be, whilst learning important lessons about friendship.

Ralph being wized through a tunnel
Image Credit: Giphy

It goes without saying that the animation is stunning. The vocal cast (which includes John C Reilly, Sarah Silverman and Gal Gadot) all do well, and directors Phil Johnston and Rich Moore work hard to ensure the film isn’t just an unashamed celebration of corporate monopolies. One sequence soaked in Easter Egg overdrive involves a Disney website, and threatens to tip over into a hymn to capitalism. However, then the Disney princesses turn up to save the day with great satirical gusto (indeed, it’s one of the film’s big highlights).

Vanellope running
Image Credit: Giphy

Elsewhere there are amusing trips to the dark web (sanitised for family audiences), and some surprisingly poignant insights into the vile corners of humanity displayed on video upload sites ('Never read the comments'). I also rather liked the 'King Kong' inspired finale.

It isn’t going to change the face of animation, but it is a good deal of fun.

Ultimately 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' isn’t going to change the face of animation, nor does it live up to its predecessor, but it is still a good deal of fun.

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