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The party season is upon us

Phoebe Simcock, 29th Sep 2021
Tags: Life Blog Friendship

Make a mocktail evening

Grab some friends and ask everyone to bring a selection of juices, syrups, fruit and fizzy drinks then start creating your mocktails. You can check out some recipes online or go completely original.  

mocktail evening

Virtual escape room

These are a fab way of mixing a fun activity with a cosy night. Why not choose one with a theme and encourage everyone to do fancy dress and make some decorations?

Movie marathon

For a movie night you could choose an actor and go through all of their films, or take it in turns to grab the remote and pause the film at a certain point. First person to say the next movie line correctly wins a prize.  

Movie marathon

Quiz night or bingo

Take it in turns to make a paper or powerpoint quiz or a bingo set up and present this to your friends. Team this with our xRhythms dance playlist and enjoy!

Games night with a twist

Get everyone to bring all of their online games, board games or resources for paper games and write all of the games on paper and put them in a bowl. Host gets first choice, then winner of the last game gets to pick out of the bowl next. Losers do a forfeit! 

Games night with a twist

Memories movie night

New Year is a great time for reflection. Ask all of your friend group to compile a slideshow of all the silly photos and videos they have from the year and watch them back with popcorn to remember some of the best parts of your year.

Traditional sleepover

This means making a fort, ordering pizza and telling scary stories with a torch under your chin. Hang some fairy lights up and drag all the duvets and blankets you can find for ultra cosy vibes.  



Get your best outfits on and take some whacky photos using a photo booth or just props in your house. This is a great way to have fun and build the confidence of your friends.  

Kids party

Make a playlist of all the kids party tunes you listened to growing up and create the ultimate throwback. Dress how you did when you were younger, buy miniature food, make a pick and mix, drink fruit shoots, play musical chairs and completely let loose!  

Come Dine With Me

Come Dine With Me

Take it in turns to make a fab meal and make up your own entertainment for the evening and let your friends rate your efforts. If you’re not much of a cook or only have one evening, you could try making small meals or something easy for each other and sharing them out instead.  

Happy Party Season guys!

P.S, a blog just like this one but all about Christmas parties will be coming your way very soon. Stay tuned!

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