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The one with the xRhythms Friends quiz

Phoebe Simcock, 16th Aug 2021
Tags: Life Quiz TV

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  1. Who speaks the first line?
  2. How many seasons of Friends are there?
  3. Joey’s character in ‘Days of Our Lives’ is Dr Drake _____ 
  4. The number on Joey and Chandler’s door changed in the first season from 4 to what? 
  5. What children’s book did Chandler buy for Kathy? 
  6. Who plays Jill Green? 
  7. Who buys Mrs Whiskerson from Rachel? 
  8. Will Colbert was a member of which club at school? 
  9. Where does Chandler get on a plane to avoid Janice? 
  10. Who does Phoebe shout ‘pick up the sock’ to? 
  11. In Ross’ sandwich, what is ‘the Moist Maker’? 
  12. Who is Rosita? 
  13. Who chooses to have their dog as part of their wedding ceremony? 
  14. Monica has how many categories of towels? 
  15. In the opening credits, what three colours are the umbrellas? 
  16. Where did Monica and Chandler go on their honeymoon? 
  17. What is Carol Willick’s job? 
  18. Who says “It’s a moo point. It’s like a cow’s opinion; it doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”  
  19. What was the name of Chandler and Ross’ band in college? 
  20. Finish the quote “If it’s a girl, Phoebe. And if it’s a boy, _____” 
  21. In the one with all the wedding dresses, whose dress does Monica wear? 
  22. Which two characters dated both Ursula and Phoebe? 
  23. In which episode does Rachel babysit Ben and teach him about colouring a coin and persuading people to roll it down their faces? 
  24. Who wants to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion? 
  25. What causes Phoebe to drop the bowl of lottery tickets in ‘The One With The Lottery’? 
  26. What is Emma Geller-Green’s first word? 
  27. What does Eddie replace Chandler’s goldfish with? 
  28. Rachel persuaded who to shave her head in ‘The One At The Beach’?
  29. Which member of the cast also directed ten episodes of ‘Friends’? 
  30. Who speaks the last line?
Image Credit: Giphy


  1. Monica 
  2. 10  
  3. Ramoray 
  4. 19 
  5. The Velveteen Rabbit 
  6. Reese Witherspoon 
  7. Gunther 
  8. I Hate Rachel Greene club  
  9. Yemen 
  10. Judy Geller 
  11. Piece of gravy soaked bread in the middle of his turkey sandwich 
  12. Joey’s recliner chair 
  13. Mike Hannigan 
  14. 11 
  15. Red, Yellow and Blue 
  16. The Bahamas 
  17. Sixth Grade Teacher 
  18. Joey 
  19. Way, No Way 
  20. Pheebo 
  21. Emily Waltham 
  22. Eric and Malcolm 
  23. The One With The Truth About London 
  24. Pete Becker 
  25. A pigeon 
  26. Gleba 
  27. A goldfish cracker 
  28. Bonnie 
  29. Ross (David Schwimmer) 
  30. Chandler

How did you do?


You’re Marcel! Marcel is a very intelligent character underestimated by those around him. He may not appear in a lot of Friends episodes, but you’ll never forget him. Keep up the good work!  

Image Credit: Giphy


You’re Gunther! Gunther puts in effort with Rachel like you do with quizzes. Okay, so sometimes you miss the mark but overall you try really hard and one day you’ll be a top scorer.  

Image Credit: Giphy


You’re Janice! Chandler actually got on a plane to somewhere he didn’t know to avoid Janice, and she was none the wiser. It looks like your knowledge of ‘Friends’ is about the same as Janice’s, but I bet your laugh is nicer to listen to.  

Image Credit: Giphy

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