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Using minimalist fashion to share faith

Image Credit: Hosea Clothing

Phoebe Simcock, 20th Oct 2021
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We interviewed Chris from clothing brand Hosea with some big questions about their vibe and their objectives. Hosea is a minimalistic Christian clothing brand and I want to know, do fashion and faith mix? Let’s find out.

Hosea Clothing
Image Credit: Hosea Clothing

So Chris, What is Hosea? What do you sell and what is your fashion vibe? 

Chris: Hosea has two main objectives, to empower Christians in their faith and to spread the gospel through fashion. We want to encourage Christians to be bold. 

You can do this in a multitude of ways, the way we chose was through clothing. The brands that you wear tell us a lot about people. We want Christians to wear Hosea so they can have the opportunity to talk about their faith. We’re a minimal brand, so we choose minimal fashion ideas with a big message.

Are you ethically and environmentally friendly? Why is this important to you?

Chris: We are both. We have a very good relationship with our manufacturer. They are given a good wage. All clothes are made with 100% organic cotton, it lasts longer and the production process is better for the environment. We are trying to be better, but it’s hard for a small brand to be environmentally perfect. We used to send clothes in plastic sleeves and but now we send more luxury sleeves, which you can keep clothes in so they can be reused. 

At Hosea, we don’t over produce tonnes of clothes that will be wasted. I’m a real big believer in valuing clothes over a long period of time, I love the vintage clothes movement because clothes should have a story. 

Hosea Clothing
Image Credit: Hosea Clothing

How does your faith influence your work and your lifestyle?  

Chris: I hold my faith above everything else and my relationship with God dictates everything that I do. Other businesses may grow a business for their ego, but everything I do is to glorify God. 

I commend people who preach the word of God in every aspect of life, so I don’t see why fashion should be any different.  

What is the Open Door partnership that you support?  

Chris: We pray that this brand will empower Christians in countries where Christianity is questioned to not be scared of their faith. That is our objective as a brand, and we found open doors that actually supports persecuted Christians in existing countries.

In places like North Korea and China, Open Doors are going out and actively helping people who are being persecuted for holding the Christian faith. I can go to church on Sunday and do a Bible study on a Friday. Christians in these persecuted countries can’t even open their bible, they have to be in underground churches. We couldn’t think of a better cause to support and we give 10% of the profit made to Open Doors.  

What advice would you give to young people who are interested in faith? 

Chris: For me, it goes back to the main thing which is ‘what is your purpose on this earth’? Everybody asks themselves the question, and ultimately you imagine it’s to be something impressive in this world. I believe that there’s something bigger than that. Your purpose in the world has to be for something bigger than you. Question everything when it comes to faith, take a logical view on it.  

So Hosea has answered the question, faith and fashion mix perfectly and this amazing brand spreads such a beautiful message about owning your faith and being proud of who you are.  

Check out their website and follow them on Instagram!

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