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Mario personality quiz

Phoebe Simcock, 11th Oct 2021
Tags: Life Quiz Gaming



What is your favourite thing about Christmas?  

  1. Nothing, I just like having a day off  
  2. Spending a quiet day with family  
  3. Giving and receiving thoughtful gifts 
  4. The Christmas morning excitement 
  5. The big Christmas dinner  
  6. Having a busy day around all of my loved ones  

Which best describes you when doing something scary?  

  1. I rush into it quickly without thinking too much  
  2. I’m terrified and will avoid scary situations as much as possible  
  3. I am optimistic but cautious so I rely on support from others 
  4. I like trying new things so I just find the fun in everything 
  5. I rarely get scared  
  6. I pretend to be okay and don’t let others know how scared I am 

You’re losing at something that you’re normally good at, how do you react?  

  1. Prepare to be cunning to gain the win 
  2. I might win next time it’s fine 
  3. I’m glad to see my friends winning anyway 
  4. As long as we’re having fun, we’re all winners  
  5. I’m not a good loser but I’d probably joke about it  
  6. If I’m losing I’m leaving the game, I won’t accept defeat

Which snack would you grab first?  

  1. I will eat anything 
  2. I don’t really snack it ruins my meals 
  3. Something sweet like a chocolate bar  
  4. A childhood treat like a babybel 
  5. Always crisps, easy to eat on the go  
  6. I love a quick sandwich, they’re so versatile  

Your friend is pushing for you come over to cheer them up but you’re already having a bad day too, what are you most likely to do?  

  1. Ignore your phone and focus on you 
  2. Visit them or worry that they’ll stop being my friend 
  3. Be upset they haven’t asked about me but go and see them 
  4. Pop over, hopefully we can cheer each other up 
  5. Give advice over the phone and be honest about how you feel too 
  6. Tell them to be productive, you want to be firm but fair  

Which TV series is most appealing to you?  

  1. Sherlock  
  2. Our Planet  
  3. Friends  
  4. Spongebob 
  5. The Mandalorian  
  6. The Office

Which number did you get the most of?

Mostly 1’s: You’re Bowser

Image Credit: Giphy

You’re motivated and determined and you will go to great lengths to get what you deserve. Others don’t always see your sensitive side but you will show it when others need help.  

Mostly 2’s: You’re Luigi

Image Credit: Giphy

You are still heroic but with a good side of goofy and laid back. You look up to others and celebrate their successes but you’re shy socially and sometimes feel second best.  

Mostly 3’s: You’re Peach

Image Credit: Giphy

You are sweet, kind and optimistic in most situations but you can be easily upset and innocent. Remember to learn from your mistakes when trusting people.  

Mostly 4’s: You’re Yoshi

Image Credit: Giphy

You are a loyal friend and great fun. Your childlike qualities are admired but sometimes you can be quite naïve and let people down in truly serious circumstances.  

Mostly 5’s: You’re Mario

Image Credit: Giphy

You are a cheerful and courageous soul who is a true leader. You sometimes believe that you know best and people can misunderstand how headstrong you are for overconfidence.  

Mostly 6’s: You’re Daisy

Image Credit: Giphy

You are sassy, feisty and you like to be different from the crowd. You’ll stand up for yourself and your friends but sometimes people can feel that you’re a little argumentative.  

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