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Loved for no reason

Lillian Ortiz, 18th Feb 2020
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Some days I most definitely feel like I'm running a rat race. Do you know what I mean? Much of my energy is spent striving to be #1 and prove myself to the world.

In this generation, people live fast-paced lives and spend most of it chasing knowledge, power, and success. But my question is, for what reason? We do our best to stay on top of our game and do all that is asked of us, but why? 

Do more sign
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When I challenged myself to think about what my motivations are for going about accomplishing my tasks in life, a few things came to my mind.

For starters, I am a big fan of pleasing other people. Regardless of reaping the benefits of doing a job well done, what I find I am really after is that "good job" or that "well done" from my teacher and/or parents. In doing a good job and seeking after knowledge, power, and success, I hope for it to also result in impressing my peers.

What I want most is simply to be loved.

Lastly, more than my motivation to gain approval from the world, what I really want most is simply to be loved, which I think is a desire every person longs for. Can you relate?

At the end of the day, our "best" is all we can do, but do you ever feel like or worry as I do, that my "best" is not enough to earn the love and appreciation that I so want? 

I know I'm trying my best
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The other day, what seemed random, I received a special text message from my youth pastor, Erin, that blessed me so much. All it said was, "I so cherish and appreciate you." And let me tell you, those six simple words made my day. I felt so loved! 

The funny thing though was that initially, it was hard for me to accept Erin's encouraging words without wondering what I could have possibly done to earn them. Instead of taking her compliment at face value, I racked my brain trying to recall what nice thing I did to bless her, that she would send me such a message.

Why would someone say something nice without me giving them a reason to?

I pondered, "did I serve her in some way or impress her with my excellent performance in something this week? I don't think so. Maybe she said those nice things about me in her text because word got back to her about how I maybe blessed someone else this past week? Surely she would not text me such sweet sentiments for no good reason?!"

It was beyond my comprehension that someone would say such nice things about me without me having given them a reason to do so.

Image Credit: John Tuesday

It is funny how much I want to be loved, but then when It is offered it is hard for me to accept. But that is a riddle for another day.

I'll have you know, I never did find out what her reasons were for sending me that sweet message so out of the blue, but I do know that God used this incident to show me a picture of his love.

There is a love that exists that has no conditions.

It got me thinking, and I realised that whether or not Erin had her reasons for sharing with me her appreciation of me, there is a love that exists that has no conditions, that is not contingent on performance, that requires no effort, and cannot be earned but only given. It's the kind of love the Bible talks of God having towards his children.

This is such a comforting thing to be reminded of. Even when I feel like I have to work hard to gain the love and acceptance from others here on earth, God loves me regardless of my actions.

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As a craftsman loves his craft and takes pride in what he creates, simply because he's made it, so it is with God, our father, and creator in heaven. He loves us because He made us, and we are his.

Striving to do our best here on earth is not a bad thing when we have the proper motivations. Achievements will provide us only with temporary satisfaction, and the approval we get from people is not long-lasting. But when we know the love that God has for us, it will fuel us to do our best for his honor and his glory.

There is an almighty powerful God in heaven who loves us all the time.

Being accepted and having the validation of our peers is one thing, but isn't it wonderful and freeing to know that there is an almighty powerful God in heaven who loves us all the time with a limitless amount of unimaginable great love, and for no good reason other than that we are his!

This "rat" is done racing and is choosing to surrender to the love of the one true God.

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