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The Knight before Christmas

Image Credit: Brooke Palmer - © Netflix

Chlöe Ashworth, 7th Dec 2019
Tags: Life Review Adventure Comedy Drama

A 2019 fantasy/rom-com starring Vanessa Hudgens, known for her main part as Gabriella in popular movie 'High School Musical', has been released on Netflix.

The quest to prove he is a true knight.

The film follows the adventure of a 14th-century knight that has been transported to 2019 Ohio over the Christmas period, in search for his quest to prove he is a true knight. 

The plot of the film is encapsulating and has a feel-good holiday vibe.

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The film Follows Sir Cole as he journeys to the modern day, where two worlds collide.

He meets high school teacher Brooke, played by Vanessa, who tries to help him complete his quest before he can be sent home. Things are not as easy as they first seem, and a tough decision falls his way. 

Overall, it is shot well.

There are a lot of events that happen throughout the film, but they work well as a collective, and overall, it is shot well.

Not only is this a rom-com, but it also touches upon being kind and charitable around Christmas. It is a time where most people are mainly thinking of their own families and are oblivious to friends and other people around them, who may be struggling emotionally or financially during this time of year.

The film brings a sprinkle of kindness to its viewers.

The Knight before Christmas
Image Credit: Giphy

However, there are some parts of the film that I was less impressed with. Some scenes could have been done in a different way for it to flow smoother, and allow you to be immersed in their world.

For example, when the time comes for Sir Cole to travel home and say his goodbyes to Brooke, it feels a little random. I felt like it was rushed and could have been a longer scene to get the full effect. 

Get carried away in the adventure.

If you’re someone who enjoys fantasy and a bit of cheesiness, then this Christmas film may be the one for you. Get carried away in the adventure and discover the tough decision that Sir Cole must make.

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