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Is it truly a magical season?

Asuefai Harcourt, 12th Dec 2020
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Want to talk magic? Well then, let’s talk about Christmas. It’s the most magical time of the year. The time for love, the time for reunions, and the time for family.

I don’t mean to burst this bubble of celebration but I can tell you from experience that not everybody sees it the same way. Not all experience this joy, this family, this reunion, and this laughter at every Christmas.

Christmas magic
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I don’t say this to ruin your memories or diminish your expectations for this year, quite the opposite actually. I want you to treasure the opportunity you have to celebrate with joy and family, your own little miracle.

Do you know the origin of Christmas? If you don’t, then I think you may want to stay awake during this year's Christmas carol, if there is one!

Christmas exists because of love.

Christmas exists because of love, and I am here to remind you of its incredible value.

Christmas, as far as I know, is a celebration of life. It literally started off as a holiday season where families rented out spaces to celebrate with their loved ones. It was basically like any other holiday.

Family time
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However, on this one very special day in the holiday, many years ago, a Saviour, named Jesus, was born. Life was birthed into our world, and this day filled with love and laughter began.

Somehow everyone could feel their spirits lift because they all wanted to experience love. Everyone wanted a reason to laugh, to have peace, and to be free. 

Christmas is not the same without genuine love.

After spending the last four Christmases away from those with whom I spent the first 16 with, I can very firmly and confidently say it’s not the same without genuine love. Without that family like love. 

So wherever you are, privileged enough to celebrate with those you love, extend a hand to others. You might just make someone’s Christmas worth celebrating. That’s the message.

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Here’s a poem for you this season: 

And as always,
Here’s to lifting your Christmas spirits;
Do not cloud the season with myths,
Creating ideologies that seem impossible to attain.
Do not apply unnecessary pressure,
To an occasion literally born of simplicity.
No matter the strategies,
No matter the blueprint,
Only one ingredient can truly be birth when the season approach.
Not one bore to magic but one of blessings,
‘Tis the season of love.
It’s being literally born, bred, and continually fed with love,
May it’s spirit guide you.
Not restraining its reach to this one frame,
But being amplified with it’s reach through our lifetime.
Here’s to lifting your Christmas spirits,
For the time now and the years to come.
Here’s to a Magical season never promised,
But one filled with blessings one can forever guarantee.
To your now and your lifetime,
To your friends and foe,
May it’s tree forever bear fruits,
Filled with love, life, laughter and peace.
Here’s to this wonderful holiday,
A holiday meant to highlight Love,
the principle of living,
Here’s to the joy you will gain and may give,
Come the season of endless dreams.
Here’s to this Christmas,
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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