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I get knocked down...but I get up again!

Asuefai Harcourt, 14th Jul 2022
Tags: Life Blog Challenges Friendship Grief Hope Identity

Life is hard. This is not just for adults, but for teens too, and even kids. At every stage of every journey, there is one almost life changing event that causes us to stop and say to ourselves “Life is hard”. 

When an adult hears what has made a child or a teen say that they will probably be unable to relate, and to a teen when they hear what some adults go through they probably can’t relate either. But the truth is, you are not supposed to be able to relate. If anything, seeing an adult going through something a lot more fascinating and stranger than what we are going through should remind us all that there are levels to experience in this thing called life. When each one of us are in it, it will always seems like our greatest obstacle, but someone a level ahead should always tell us that we can come out of just about anything.

  I don’t know about you, but my life hasn’t been without its roller coaster moments. Sometimes I’m down and I have to pick myself up, and before long I’m back on the ground and don’t even get to stand up again before I feel like I’m being run over. I like to tell you all little secrets here and then, so allow me to bring you in on one more; you know what mostly helps me back to my feet and keeps me steady, or rather should I say who? My best friend. 

My best friend is not a physical person -they live within me. You might be thinking 'is she talking about herself? Is she her own best friend?'. Actually I’m talking about someone many people know as God, who is with me 24 hours of the day and who knows me like no one else does. He always reminds me that although life can get tough, I only lose when I truly believe within myself that I have lost, and until I do, it doesn’t matter how many times I keep falling, I will always get back up.

My best friend taught me that I have the most powerful weapon a person can ever need - my mind. And as long as I keep it well protected, surrounded by the right people and love l, I’ll forever be good to go.

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