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A teen from Birmingham became a first in football

Phoebe Simcock, 1st Sep 2021
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If you’re a football fan, no doubt you already recognise the name Sturridge. Mike, Dean and Simon Sturridge are all big football players with amazing careers, but it’s their son and nephew Daniel Sturridge that we are focussing on today.  

Daniel Sturridge was born on the 1st September 1989 in Birmingham. Born into a footballing family, his parents expected him to also have footballing talents, and how right they were. 

Daniel Sturridge
Image Credit: Giphy

At the age of seven, he was spotted by the youth academy at Aston Villa, since this, he has gone from strength to strength winning awards. Whilst still a teenager playing for Manchester City, he became the first player to score in the FA Cup, The Premier League, and the FA Youth Cup in the same season, which is inspirational in itself. 

The Sturridge Dance.

Sturridge has also gone viral for ‘The Sturridge Dance’, which is his go-to move whenever he scores. This hand waving move has bought lots of comic relief to turbulent football games and you can even learn how to do this signature move, which he first did at a party then said he would re-create when he scored.  

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Sturridge is a Christian and keeps his faith on and off the pitch. “I just think that I've had my faith in God, been praying a lot, been working hard on the training field, and expressing myself, playing my natural game and playing my natural position also,” Sturridge told CNN's World Sport, when discussing his recent goals.

I do all [through] Christ who strengthens me.

After winning the Premier League Player of the Month award, according to Wikipedia, he said “I do all [through] Christ who strengthens me”. Daniel uses this strength in everything he does, including his charity work. He understands that other players may not have the family links that he has, so he supports charities and donates to help young people get into football.  

Football pitch

In 2013, Sturridge opened a charity foundation named after him in Jamaica, as he is of Jamaican decent. His aim was once again to get young people into sport and entertainment. He is aware of his good fortune at the age of six, as he had family members that were able to help him get into the sport. Even though he had this initial help, it is his hard work and natural talents that have solidified him as an international star.  

He works hard to ensure that others can have the same opportunities that he had.

Daniel Sturridge is a perfect representation of how we can use our own privileges or position to better others. The help of his family members haven’t made him feel entitled, they have made him realise that not everyone is in the same position. Now he works hard to ensure that others can have the same opportunities that he had.

He is a true inspiration, not just on the pitch but off it too.  

There is a lot to learn from this inspirational figure, and that’s not just his dance moves! Let’s work hard to excel in our passions, and help others to do the same.

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