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Got those back to school blues?

Phoebe Simcock, 31st Aug 2021
Tags: Life Blog Education

Everyone else will be as nervous as you are

Do you think it’s likely that you’re the only person in your year who’s nervous about going back to school? Some may hide it better than others but it’s a nerve wracking thing to experience change and it’s okay to admit that.  

You settled in last year, you can do it again  

No doubt in previous years you’ve felt worried about trying something new, and you did it! You’re still here to tell the tale of how courageous you’ve been in the past. Remember this if you’ve struggling to adjust to the idea of heading back.  

you got this

Making new friends can start with just a hello 

Maybe you’re in a new class or you won’t be with your normal group, but sometimes making new friends can be a real mood lifter. These new friends could be friends for life, so be open to new hobbies and conversations with new people.  

It’s not forever  

This is something that sticks with me in everything that I do. Scary things always seem better when they are temporary, and you will not be in school forever. So just enjoy the ride whilst you can, and your next adventure will probably be better.  

Organised is the way forward 

One of my biggest stresses is being disorganised. How your morning goes can be a great indicator of how you’ll feel for the rest of the day. So prepare your clothes the night before, pack your bag and dinner and make sure any work is done the night before so your morning will be a breeze.  


There is always support out there  

Reaching out to others is always the best way forward, so tell a friend or family member if you feel nervous or worried about starting back at school. They may give you a listening ear, some advice or help you to ring a GP if you need a second opinion.  

Use this time to realise what you enjoy  

Your school years are a time for growth. Not just physical growth but growth of character, style and interest. It would be unlikely for you to enjoy every part of school, so source out the parts that you do enjoy and work hard to consider how these passions could be your career.  

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Don’t forget to eat  

Okay so this one doesn’t seem as deep as the others, but it is so important. Food works as fuel, if you neglect this because of stress or distraction then soon you will notice your brain isn’t working as well as it should. So make sure you find time in the dinner queue or prepare your lunches ready for each day.  

Try not to other think it 

Catastrophising situations is common, and all this means is assuming that everything will be a catastrophe. I find myself walking away from situations and being amazed that I assumed it would go so badly. I would suggest cutting your day up into chunks and deal with one thing at a time.  

Christmas is only three months away 

Everything feels better at Christmas time. It’s a great break from school and it’s called the most wonderful time of the year for a reason! Why not set up a Secret Santa with your friends or make a new year’s resolutions list with fun things to get excited about?

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