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Freedom Day is upon us

Phoebe Simcock, 19th Jul 2021
Tags: Life Blog

It seems like we’ve waited forever for a bit of normality in our routine. We’ve clapped for carers, eaten out to help out, and spent half of our lives in masks to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus. It has been a strain on our relationships and our mental health, and readjusting our lives again seems daunting.

The 19th July brings what has become known as ‘Freedom Day’, which means the Government will be bringing an end to the restrictions and we will be able to attend large events, meet in big groups, and masks will become advised but not mandatory.

Friends in a group

The concept of freedom can seem scary, but I’m determined to use this time to enjoy new activities safely and to learn new skills.

Lots of events and activities have been open since May, but I’ve listed five activities that will be even better after Freedom Day and you should definitely try them all.

Visiting the Theatre

The theatre is something I have really missed. After Freedom Day, most theatres will be open at full capacity so we all have more chance of seeing some amazing shows.

Theatre show

If it’s an interactive show, a full audience can sometimes make it more enjoyable too.

Cooking for friends

No doubt we all tried making banana bread or took more time to learn new meals in lockdown, but cooking for or with friends is a really special activity.

Food with friends

Now that we can invite others into our home without the worry of the restrictions, we can host ‘Come Dine with Me’ evenings or try a buffet with food from different countries.

Relaxing on a spa day

Spas have been open for a few months now but I still feel like the idea of Freedom Day will change our experiences of them. 

Spa treatment

With the easing of restrictions, the physical contact that is expected in spas will feel more comfortable to us, and we’ll be able to visit in larger groups, which will be fun for birthday parties.

Watching a sports event

Due to limited capacity, the atmosphere of sporting events has changed to not feeling as enjoyable and lively as they did before.

After Freedom Day, we can join with large groups of friends to see sporting events.

Football match

Whether you’re a firm fan or a newbie, visit a sporting event and show your support.

Taking an exercise class

Luckily, throughout the whole of the pandemic we have been allowed to do exercise. Whether than was an isolated walk for one hour a day or a Joe Wicks video in your living room, it was still better than nothing.

The social distancing element of exercise will soon be no more, which means more classes opening up with larger numbers, all the equipment can be used and enjoyed, and we can enjoy it with our gym buddy.

Exercise class

Hope you give some of these ideas a go on the 19th July.

However you choose to enjoy the new freedom, remember to stay safe and don’t expect everything to revert back to normal straight away.

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