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Five ways to use social media for good

Image Credit: Adem AY on Unsplash

Ash Sanders, 21st Apr 2022
Tags: Life Blog Body image Charity Individuality Social Media

The negatives around social media are well-publicised: fake news, bullying and being a factor in mental health issues are some of the top ones. So we wanted to take a look at five ways in which social media contributes to our daily lives in a positive way.

1. It keeps us connected

Having just lived through a global pandemic, in which we had to stay at home for large periods of time, we all know the value of connection. Very few people had heard of Zoom prior to the pandemic, but Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Skype all meant we could stay connected with those we loved, no matter where in the world we were. Imagine how difficult the pandemic would've been had video chat not existed.

(Top Tip - Give someone you love a call on a video call today - or even teach your elderly relatives how to use it so they can keep in touch with you.)

Image Credit: Unsplash

2. It keeps us informed

Keeping us connected leads nicely onto this point - social media can keep us informed with what's going on, both in the lives of those we know and what's going on in the wider world. 

Being informed allows you to become part of something bigger and connect with the rest of the world. If something horrible is going on (such as the war in Ukraine at the moment) and we read about it, their problems become personal to us and we're able to respond. For some that might mean praying, for others getting involved with charities which help.

(Top Tip - Give some reliable news accounts a follow on your social media platforms, so you're able to remain informed of what's happening across the world.)

3. It keeps us supportive

Not only are our friends and family active on social media, but the majority of the world's charities are too - I should know, I have worked for a few of them!

Social media is a great place to find and get behind some great causes, no matter what you're passionate about. But beyond that, you can even share their content with your own audience, and drum up support among your friends and family.

(Top Tip - Figure out which charities you're passionate about supporting, and support them! Share their appeals, retweet their content, and if you can, give to them financially. It makes a huge difference.)

Image Credit: Unsplash

4. It keeps us real

Everyone presents the best version of themselves all too often on social media, in this era of filters which can transform your snapshots into studio-perfect Instagram posts. But social media presents a chance for us to be brave and present reality too. In doing so, it can impact others to share their truth. Social media is not just something we can use for fun, (although it's a very good place to do that too), it can be an empowering and freeing space to be yourself.

(Top Tip - Don't feel the need to filter everything - on occasion it can be fun, but being real can be empowering for you, and others too.)

Image Credit: Unsplash

5. It keeps us creative

This is a favourite one of mine! Social media is a hub of creativity, with people creatively expressing themselves via new and innovative videos, images, blogs, vlogs, articles and TikToks, and it's evolving and changing every day! Relating to the above points, creativity can help further a cause or spread the word, but it can just be fun too. It' a place to try new things, improve or continue old ones, trailblaze, experiment, and just be creative!

(Top Tip - Try new things. Like making videos? Make one, and get those new ideas you have out there for people to enjoy.)

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