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Five top tips for an organised life

Phoebe Simcock, 13th Aug 2021
Tags: Life Blog Education

Are the summer holidays making you realise that you really need to up your organisational game, or are you starting university or a new job that you want to feel extra prepared for? Either way, we have you covered.

Keep a list.

I cannot stress this one enough if you’re wanting to organise your life. Whether it’s on paper or on your phone, a list can ensure that those last-minute panics are a thing of the past.

Keep a list

I make to-do lists, money budget lists, shopping lists, and to-pack lists on a regular basis. I tend to start them about a week before I really need them because an idea that comes in the middle of the night will usually be a distant memory in the morning.

The night before is crucial.

It can sometimes seem tempting to get that extra hour of sleep and prepare yourself in the morning, don’t fall into the trap. A rushed morning can set you up for a bad day. So check your bag the night before, choose your outfit and hang it all together (socks and all), prep your breakfast, and pack your dinner. 

The night before is crucial

Overnight oats are great for an easy breakfast that you can prep the night before to eat straight away, and if you meal prep one day a week then you can relax after school/work knowing that you have dinner already done.  

Ask others.

Before an event or a day out, my group always gather on our messenger group chat to discuss meeting places, outfits and to build each other’s confidence if it’s something daunting.

Ask others

If you have friends also preparing for the same event or situation as you, ask them what they’re packing or what their routine is and share your list too. This will ease your anxiety if you’re worried about it and make you feel ultra-organised.  

Keep a packed and re-stocked bag.

This tip is one I always follow and makes coming into work a breeze for me. Although you probably wouldn’t empty your bag each night, it’s easy to use the things that are in there and never re-stock or take something out and forget.

Keep a packed and re-stocked bag

At the end of each week I empty my work bag out, remove all the bits of scrap paper and give it a clean. Then I make sure I’m topped up on mints, healthy snacks such as boxes of raisins, and tea bags, I also re-stock travel-sized toiletries, small body sprays, hand cream and hand gel are a necessity for me and are always in my bag. 

Make your space a tidy space.

You knew this one was coming, but it makes so much of a difference, I assure you. Investing in organisers for your desk or drawers can sometimes be the beginning of a new you.

Make your space a tidy space

When you’re taking on a new venture, home can feel like your safe space, so make this space easy to tackle and beautiful to be in. A good clear out of excess stuff can make a room more manageable and organising your clothes and stationary is satisfying and one less stress.  

If you need a get track to tidy up too, check out the one below.

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Happy organising everyone!

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