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Events to visit for Black History Month

Phoebe Simcock, 1st Oct 2021
Tags: Life Blog Culture Justice

Black History Month is celebrated from the 1st October to the 31st October in the UK. Here at xRhythms we know how important it is to educate ourselves on Black History and to recognise that positive changes are progressing, but that doesn’t mean an end result has been reached in terms of equality. 

Black History Month also allows us to appreciate work by Black artists in different industries and to explore new talent that we have yet to discover. Education and celebration can be more effective and fun if you visit events and truly immerse yourself in the history and the culture that you are learning about. 

I’ve compiled ten events that I think sound truly amazing to give recognition and priority to Black History Month.

wall art

By choosing a range of events from different areas, I hope to make Black History Month accessible for everyone. Opening your mind to new education regarding this subject can allow you to prevent the prejudices of others and create a future more loving than the past has been.  

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