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Embracing change

Grace Sanders, 30th Aug 2020
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It’s almost September. I don’t know about you, but I always feel that month involves a lot of changes.

Not only does the weather start to get a bit cooler, unless we’ve already experienced a rainy, British summer, but it also seems to be the time where lots of people around us are heading off to start new adventures, or are making life changes.

Things are changing
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Maybe you’re facing a season of change yourself.

Change can bring mixed emotions. Maybe you’re really excited for your new plans and just can’t wait for them to start, which is amazing. But it’s also really easy to feel nervous, anxious, or even unsure about the changes that lie ahead.

Going to uni? It’s so normal to feel worried about the move itself, living with people you haven’t met yet, and how you’ll adjust to the new, independent lifestyle.

If you’re starting a new college or sixth form, maybe you’re worried about if you’ll make friends, see your old ones, and how you’ll find your new classrooms.

Well this is different, Katy Perry
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If your best friends are moving to university, it could be very easy to worry about if you’ll still stay friends, or how different your life will be without seeing them so often.


Change isn’t always the easiest thing to embrace. I know for myself, sometimes I find change really hard to adapt to. 

I think that’s really common; we like the familiarity of situations and would much rather things stayed the way they usually are.

However, I think if we only focus on the things we lose from change or are worried about how this change may affect everything we know, then we miss out on all the positive aspects.

Toy Story sometimes change can be good
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If we only focus on the negative sides of it, which can be so easy to do, we miss out on the positives.

I think change encourages us to step out of our comfort zones, try something a little different, meet new people, and grow confidence.


I also think that in times of change, we can really learn a lot. As a Christian, I really believe that God sometimes gives us a situation to teach us something.

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At the time, the situation may seem difficult or uncomfortable, and we can wish things were different. However I find that coming out of those times, I look back and see how much God has changed me.

He’s strengthened my character or changed my heart and attitude towards something/someone.


Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed by change we can feel rather alone.

I believe that God is with us all the time, so when I’m in a difficult situation it’s so comforting to know I’m not fully alone. He's with me, he sees the future ahead, and that is so reassuring!

It's going to be okay
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If you’re facing a season of change, I encourage you to embrace it. At first it may seem scary, and you may feel slightly out of your depth, but hold on. Think of this time as a time to grow, try new things, and meet new people.

Embrace the new adventure, and know that you are not alone on this journey!

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