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Dream big

Grace Stanhope, 7th May 2021
Tags: Life Blog Ambition Career Hope

In life, we all have dreams. Whether they’re big or small, there’s things we’d love to be able to achieve or make happen. Maybe it’s something we’ve dreamt about for as long as we can remember, or maybe it’s newer dreams that we’ve only just started to think about.

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I’m not sure what your dreams are. Maybe they’re a career path we wish to pursue, places we want to travel, a business we want to start. It could be the university we want to study at or the podcast we want to start, something we want to create for the world or fighting for justice.

As you’re reading, there could be something specific you can think about that you’ve been dreaming about, and today I want to encourage you in that. Whatever that goal is, I want to encourage you to dream big and pursue it with some tips to help you on the journey.

Write down your goals

One of my favourite things to do is write down my goals so I can keep a note of them. This gives me a chance to write down any ideas for them and just get them out from my head onto paper.

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This also gives you the fun thing of getting to reread them over the years and see how some of those dreams have come true or how some of them are a work in progress.

Don’t Let Anyone Hold You Back

Have you ever had the moment of telling someone one of your dreams, and then them making a negative comment about the likelihood of it not happening? It’s the worst feeling. Sometimes, we can even speak it over ourselves, worrying about the practicalities or that we’re not capable of making it happen.

Keep going you are doing great
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If you’ve found yourself facing negative comments when talking about your goals, try not to take it to heart. It can be hard hearing it sometimes, but you can either choose to dwell on the comment or use it to push you further. I definitely think the latter option is better, even though it can definitely be the harder route! If it’s something you feel you’re passionate about, don’t let a negative comment get you down.

Tell People You Trust

Tell someone you really trust about the things you’re dreaming of. Whether it’s a best friend, parent, mentor or just someone we trust. This person can act as someone who will encourage you on this journey to pursue your dreams. 

I am rooting for you
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I think having that accountability and knowing you’ve got someone (or different people!) cheering you on and rooting for you is the best.

The Hard Work Will Be Worth It

Sometimes working towards your dreams can be tiring. There can definitely be ups and downs! But believe me, it does pay off! I started a small business in 2017 and there have definitely been points of feeling like it would never go anywhere. Flash forward three and a half years later and I’m almost doing it full time!

There were definitely times along that journey where I felt like giving up or like my dream wasn’t going to “come true”. But looking back I’m so proud that I kept going! Sometimes your dreams take time and take hard work, but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

I hope you’ve found this blog post encouraging today.

Don’t give up on your dreams. Keep dreaming those big dreams and making steps forward in the right timing to make them happen!

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