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A cryptic quiz

Phoebe Simcock, 1st Nov 2021
Tags: Life Quiz

A cryptic quiz
Image Credit: Giphy


  1. A Bit like Noir  
  2. 5th.20th 
  3. Chaplin plus where Cadbury is made  
  4. Trying to Seek a North American US State 
  5. A Ruler of Insects  
  6. Untamed Minor 
  7. Conforms to Law with a Hair Colour 
  8. Arachnid Chap  
  9. Seven Days to Go 
  10. Not Mrs or Baked  
  11. This Novel Derived from the Amazon  
  12. Risky Rodent 
  13. It Doesn’t Cost as Much if you Get Twelve 
  14. Leonardo Encrypted  
  15. Secondary Sing Along 
  16. Quality of a Sound Done Faultlessly  
  17. Joy 
  18. Brilliant Islands Cook Away  
  19. Big Cat Henry VIII 
  20. Stand Up of the Airspace Hiker  
  21. Returning to Tomorrow  
  22. Kate Middleton writes about her day  
  23. Protectors of a Chocolate Bar 
  24. James Bond’s children take after him  
  25. 24 hours of agreement  
  26. Unoccupied in the house 
  27. Ice Cold  
  28. Medical professional is lazy 
  29. Small Females  
  30. Ending the Life of a Ridiculing Fowl
A cryptic quiz
Image Credit: Giphy


  1. Blackish  
  2. E.T 
  3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  
  4. Looking for Alaska 
  5. The Lord of the Flies  
  6. Wild Child  
  7. Legally Blonde  
  8. Spiderman  
  9. A Week Away  
  10. Mr Bean  
  11. Jungle Book  
  12. Danger Mouse  
  13. Cheaper by the Dozen  
  14. The DaVinci Code  
  15. High School Musical  
  16. Pitch Perfect
  17. Glee 
  18. Great British Bake Off 
  19. The Lion King 
  20. Rise of Skywalker 
  21. Back to the Future 
  22. The Princess Diaries 
  23. Guardians of the Galaxy  
  24. Spy Kids 
  25. Yes Day 
  26. Home Alone 
  27. Frozen 
  28. Dr Dolittle  
  29. Little Women  
  30. To Kill a Mockingbird
A cryptic quiz
Image Credit: Giphy

How many did you get?

21 - 30 

You’re a cryptic computer! Your mind understands all that is cryptic and you can decode anything when needed. This probably means you are also an empathetic person, because you pick up on very small details but you probably overthink a lot of situations and read a lot into people’s actions. 

11 - 20 

You’re a mysterious middle! You are the most complicated of them all, maybe your knowledge of the answers held you back in this case, rather than the cryptic level of the questions. Your mind picks and chooses when to decrypt something and a tired brain for you is a big no for motivation.  

0 - 10 

You’re puzzled! Cryptic clues can seem so easy when you read the answer, but a cryptic mind is not for everyone. You probably don’t over analyse things so these quizzes may be tricky for you, but it also means you don’t over worry about things which is a very good trait to have.

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