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Celebrating Father’s Day

Image Credit: Compassion International

Rejoice Mawire, 21st Jun 2020
Tags: Life Blog Family Gratitude

I saw this quote by Linda Poindexter, and I absolutely love it. It says, “When my father didn’t have my hand, he had my back.”

Ariana grande saying thanks to her dad because he's awesome

My dad has been such a blessing in my life, and it’s wonderful that we get a whole day (every year) to appreciate how awesome our dads are!

Celebrate the bond between a father and their child.

In honour of Father’s Day, Compassion UK, an international Christian charity, collected stories from people enrolled in their Guatemalan programme to celebrate the bond between a father and their child.

One of those stories is from José. He enrolled at the centre when he was 6 years old, and now he’s 15 and loves the centre’s technical projects.

His dad, René, suffered an electrical accident when he was a child, and sadly, he lost his arms and legs. Despite that, René works as any person does. 

José and his dad René

It’s really encouraging to see how José values his dad’s advice, and how his drive rubbed off on him. He received a scholarship to study computing and support him.

Here are a few things that José has to say about his dad:

What's something your father always says to you?

José: My father always tells me that I must be obedient. Don't do bad things because bad things don't have excellent benefits in my life.

What is your father good at?

José: My father is really good at fixing electronics and giving me useful advice.

José and his dad René

What do you and your father like to do together?

José: We love to work together, and we feed the chickens. 

How do you know your father loves you?

José: When I have good grades at school, he is very happy.

What's your favourite memory with your father?

José: My favourite memory was when we went to the watering place, we were so happy playing together.

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Thank you, dad, for...

José: Being patient with me, thanks for loving me and supporting me to be a good student. I know sometimes I'm stubborn or strong headed, but you still love me. Thank you, Dad.

As you celebrate your Father’s Day, step back and reflect. How are you grateful for your dad today?

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