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Can you name the famous person?

Phoebe Simcock, 30th Aug 2021
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  1. I wrote 39 plays and 154 sonnets in my lifetime. I was known as the Bard of Avon 
  2. I discovered penicillin from mould in 1928 and saved thousands of lives  
  3. I was the longest serving Prime Minister of the 20th Century   
  4. I was the last king of England 
  5. I adapted the pie chart and I was the founder of modern nursing  
  6. I directed Jurassic Park and E.T The Extra Terrestrial 
  7. I am the central figure of the world’s largest religion  
  8. I lead the French Army to victory at the age of 18  
  9. I am the first woman to be nominated for President of the United States by a major political party 
  10. I created the world’s most famous mouse 
  11. I have been credited for inventing the first practical telephone 
  12. I organised the women’s Suffragette movement  
  13. I was born in Athens and I have been credited as the founder of Western Philosophy  
  14. I am a fashion designer responsible for bringing the punk movement into the mainstream 
  15. I said ‘I have a dream’ in front of 250,000 people at the Lincoln memorial  
  16. I painted Starry Night in 1889  
  17. I wrote Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Sense and Sensibility 
  18. I was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean  
  19. I lead the Norman-French army in the Battle of Hastings 
  20. Neil Armstrong and I were the first two people on the moon  
  21. I wrote the Lord of the Rings 
  22. I sat outside the Swedish parliament every day for three weeks with a sign that said  ‘Skolstrejk för Klimatet’ 
  23. I am the longest-lived and longest reigning British monarch
  24. My diary gives great detail into the Great Fire of London and the Great Plague of London 
  25. I was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize  
  26. You probably learnt the rhyme about my six wives in History class 
  27. I used an underground railroad to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people  
  28. Born in 1981, I am regarded as one of the greatest female Tennis players of all time  
  29. I am a saint who founded a charity that helps millions of vulnerable people all over the world  
  30. I am a co-founder of Apple and one of the three founding fathers of Pixar Animation Studios
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  1. Shakespeare  
  2. Alexander Fleming 
  3. Margaret Thatcher 
  4. George VI 
  5. Florence Nightingale  
  6. Steven Spielberg  
  7. Jesus Christ 
  8. Joan of Arc  
  9. Hilary Clinton 
  10. Walt Disney 
  11. Alexander Graham Bell  
  12. Emmeline Pankhurst  
  13. Socrates 
  14. Vivienne Westwood 
  15. Martin Luther King Jr. 
  16. Vincent Van Gogh  
  17. Jane Austen  
  18. Amelia Earhart  
  19. William the Conqueror 
  20. Buzz Aldrin 
  21. J.R.R Tolkien  
  22. Greta Thunberg  
  23. Queen Elizabeth II 
  24. Samuel Pepys  
  25. Marie Curie  
  26. Henry VIII 
  27. Harriet Tubman  
  28. Serena Williams 
  29. Mother Theresa 
  30. Steve Jobs

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