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Can faith be fabulous?

Asuefai Harcourt, 12th May 2022
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You might think Christians like me are boring…but I promise you we aren’t! 

Did you know I can love God, be enthusiastic about it AND be the coolest? It’s true! And I’m not just saying that to score some points or act cool…although I’d like to think I am cool! Being a Christian is really not about belonging to a religion and doing religious things – it’s a personal relationship, between me and God.

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One song I’ve been listening to a lot recently is “Talking to Jesus” by Elevation Worship & Maverick City Music - you can listen to it via the video above. Here’s a few lyrics from the song which touch on this subject:

‘Cause it’s not a religion,
‘Cause it’s more like a friendship,
Just talk to your Father,
Like you are his kid.

That sums it up so well. God doesn’t have to exist separate to my dreams – a relationship with him can help me fulfil them. Music is a great example of this – gospel music is spilling over into all other genres of music. We have Gospel Reggae, AfroGospel, Gospel Rap…even Gospel Drill! I don’t have to substitute my own taste or style just because I am a Christian – it can all work together.

Image Credit: Unsplash

“She knows who she is and a lot of the things that she does comes from her relationship with God. Sometimes I do things she may not agree with, but never once has she judged me or made me feel judged”

The above quote is one of the best compliments I’ve ever received, from a new friend of mine. Do you know what it reminded me? Being a Christian does not mean throwing my relationship with God in everyone’s face, but instead living as myself and allowing my lifestyle to speak on my behalf. Everything else will fall into line easily.

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