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Board games quiz

Phoebe Simcock, 20th Sep 2021
Tags: Life Quiz


  1. What is the ‘Monopoly’ man’s full name? 
  2. In ‘Risk’, how many wild cards are in the deck of cards? 
  3. What is the maximum number of players in the game ‘Mousetrap’? 
  4. In the original ‘Trivial Pursuit’, what category is brown?  
  5. How many points is J worth in ‘Scrabble’? 
  6. In ‘Uno’, can you put a +2 on a +2?  
  7. The game ‘Battleships’ dates back from which war?  
  8. What is the gold figure in the middle of the game ‘Frustration’?  
  9. How much money do you earn per correct answer in ‘The Chase’ board game cash builder?  
  10. Which symbol in ‘Articulate’ means that everyone can guess, rather than just your own team?  
  11. In ‘Jumanji’ the board game, when you have not completed the task, the card must go in the ______ grid? 
  12. In the traditional game of ‘Tension’, answers such as eyes, mirrors and windows are potential answers for which category? 
  13. How many dice are used in the game ‘Ludo’? 
  14. In ‘Pictionary’, the category A stands for what?  
  15. Which game includes four safety zones of four different colours?  
  16. The ‘Taskmaster’ board game includes cards for your kitchen, living room, lab and what else?  
  17. In Chess, what is the only piece that can jump over another piece?
  18. What is the purpose of the red card in the ‘Catchphrase’ board game? 
  19. Who is the victim in ‘Cluedo’? 
  20. The ‘Logo Board game second edition’ has the tag line ‘of the brands you _____ and ______’ on the front of the box
  21. A traditional game of ‘Guess Who’ features how many people on each board?  
  22. In ‘Cranium’, what is the time limit to answer a question? 
  23. What is the game ‘Draughts’ referred to as in America?  
  24. The name for which 1986 film featuring David Bowie shares its name with a maze board game? 
  25. In "Dungeons & Dragons" 5th Edition, which three core races do NOT have dark vision? 
  26. If you land on a baby space in ‘The Game of Life’, what is the first thing you would do next?  
  27. The chips in ‘Connect Four’ are traditionally which two colours? 
  28. ‘Moksha Patam’ was the original game for which two player board game? 
  29. How many points in ‘Settlers of Catan’ do you need to accumulate to win? 
  30. Which of the games mentioned above features purple play doh?


  1. Rich Uncle Pennybags or Milburn Pennybags 
  2. Two 
  3. Four 
  4. Art and Literature 
  5. Eight 
  6. No, the makers of Uno have clarified that you can’t 
  7. World War One 
  8. Genie 
  9. £1,000 
  10. Spade 
  11. Doomsday 
  12. Things made of glass 
  13. One 
  14. Action 
  15. Sorry! 
  16. Garden 
  17. Knight 
  18. To uncover the secret answers on the bottom of the super catchphrase card 
  19. Dr. Black  
  20. Know and love  
  21. Twenty four 
  22. One minute 
  23. Checkers 
  24. Labyrinth  
  25. Dragonborn, Human, Halfling 
  26. Add a people peg to your car 
  27. Yellow and red 
  28. Snakes and Ladders 
  29. Ten 
  30. Cranium

How many did you get?

Monopoly Master 21-30 

Wow! It’s clear that you’re an avid board game player and your talent for strategising and memorising key facts has not gone unnoticed. These skills have no doubt helped you in other aspects of life and your love for board games over technology sets you apart from the rest.  

Ludo Learner 11-20 

A good attempt and you can’t get full marks each time. Everyone has their favourite board games, so don’t expect to know about every game on the list. Why not take part in a board game swap with friends if you’re eager to try something new? 

Cluedo Clueless 0-10 

No one could knock you for trying, you’ve taken the quiz and although it hasn’t worked out you still gave it a good go. Board games, much like quizzes, can expand your skill set and help with your memory, observation and problem solving skills. So next time you head to someones house, check out their board game collection.

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