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Justin Bieber making waves with Christian faith

1st Aug 2017
Tags: Music News Justin Bieber Pop

Pop star Justin Bieber has scrapped the rest of his Purpose World Tour and media reports in the US are suggesting the singer may be planning to start his own church.

Justin cancelled the remaining 14 dates of his tour without giving his fans much of an explanation. Australian entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins claims that he was told by an unnamed insider that the 23 year old hitmaker wants to "reconnect with his faith" and possibly start his own church. Bieber's manager has apologised to fans who will miss out on seeing the pop star. 

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Scooter Braun posted on Instagram that "a man's soul and well-being" come first and that everyone should "respect and honour that."

Canadian-born Justin is one of the world’s best-selling music artists, and became the second person to reach 100 million followers on Twitter in August 2017 after Katy Perry. He has sold an estimated 140 million records. But though experiencing unparalleled success, his wild party-loving attitude and brushes with the law made him one more example of showbiz excess. Then in 2015, things changed dramatically for Bieber when meetings with Carl Lentz, pastor of Hillsong Church New York, resulted in him becoming a Christian.

Carl said that Justin had broken down in tears, got on his knees, and begged him: ‘I want to know Jesus … Baptise me.’

The Guardian newspaper reported, “Carl said that Justin had broken down in tears, got on his knees, and begged him: ‘I want to know Jesus … Baptise me.’ So acute was Justin’s distress that he couldn’t get through the night unless they did it right now, so he and Carl had to drive around town looking for a swimming pool, with hotel facilities ruled out on account of all the Bieber fans camped out waiting for him. Finally, at 2am, they availed themselves of the outsize bathtub of a New York Knicks star, and Bieber was duly reborn, before collapsing in tears on Carl’s chest.” 

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